Therapy Source Featured In Harcourt Health Article "Using Educational Support To Normalize The School Balance"

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Ensuring that children get the services they need is a cause that’s near and dear to us at Therapy Source. We’re thrilled and honored to be heavily featured in this Harcourt Health article, which sheds important light on such a critical topic.

“Founded almost two decades ago, Therapy Source ( is one such organization that partners with schools and school systems to provide top tier support to students. While Therapy Source isn’t a direct partner with parents, it is an advocate – and a provider of special services which are, in turn, received directly by students.

According to Phillip Puleo, Eastern Regional Director of Therapy Source, ‘our job is not to be partial to either parents or school districts. Our job is really to match the best professionals with the needs of the districts themselves.’

According to a recent report from the National Council for Special Education, ‘All children, including children with special educational needs, have a right to an education which is appropriate to their needs. The aims of education for pupils with special educational needs are the same as apply to all children. Education should be about enabling all children, in line with their abilities, to live full and independent lives so that they can contribute to their communities, cooperate with other people and continue to learn throughout their lives. Education is about supporting children to develop in all aspects of their lives – spiritual, moral, cognitive, emotional, imaginative, aesthetic, social and physical.’

Most people don’t know or understand that when their children are having additional challenges with school learning, that they are entitled, by law, to request information from the school district as to how it determined the educational path for a given child. When this happens, companies like Therapy Source step in, bringing teaching and staffing solutions onsite to schools and working with school districts to help normalize the school balance.

Schools must provide support for children with any disability that impedes typical school functioning – and provide them with alternate learning methods that enable them to perform and be successful, in their own right, in school. Not all school districts have enough students that are geographically compatible to maintain full time teachers for them; so, they work with companies like Therapy Source to get the services to the students who critically need them.

‘When this happens,’ according to Puleo, ‘the entire process becomes a partnership between the schools, the parents, and the teachers we bring in to the schools. Our goal is to create balance, while working with everyone. We play a major role in getting the services to schools, and in turn, to the students who need them most,’ said Puleo.”

Check out the Harcourt Health Article “Using Educational Support To Normalize The School Balance”!

Using Educational Support To Normalize The School Balance

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