School-Based Therapy Staffing Solutions & Services

Therapy Source, Inc. is a nationally recognized provider of daily and long-term therapy staffing solutions and services for public schools, charter schools, virtual schools and other educational institutions.

Our services are ideal for schools that have a shortage of therapists, need help with special education compliance, or simply find themselves with a bigger caseload than they can handle in-house. Since our inception in 2001, we’ve been 100% focused on the educational industry – when you partner with us, our industry expertise is available to you, free of charge.


In-Person Therapy

Are you in need of school-based therapists? Or perhaps, you need therapists who can provide services or evaluations in a child’s home, or in another designated location.  Therapy Source offers quick access to many different types of therapy professionals. Since special education staffing is our only focus, we can match you with just the right professional for your needs, with a quick turnaround time.

We can provide the following therapists and special education professionals:

  Speech Therapy (SLP and CFY)
  Occupational Therapy (OT and COTA)
  Physical Therapy
  Evaluations, Re-evaluations, and Assessments (including Bilingual) – Speech, Occupational, Physical, Behavioral, Psychological, and Neuropsychological
  Teaching – Special Education, ESL/ELL, ASL, Tutoring, Visually Impaired, and Hearing Impaired
  Counseling – Counselor/Social Worker/Psychologist
  Psychology – including Achievement Level Assessments and Record Review
  BCBA and ABA
  School Nursing
  Orientation & Mobility
  Interpretation and Translation Services
  Vision & Hearing Screenings
  Educational Diagnosticians
  Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultants


Online Therapy

Through our proprietary TheraWeb platform, our licensed and certified pediatric therapists can help children whenever – and wherever – their services are needed. Therapy Source offers real-time, online therapy services for Speech-Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Behavior and Mental Health.


Compliance Solutions

We can help with:

  Assessment of your existing programs
  Creation of special education infrastructures within your school
  Ensuring FERPA compliance
  Caseload assessment and management
  IEP creation and evaluation
  Special Education Processes and Systems
  Classroom and Student-Specific Activities
  Paperwork Assistance
  Therapeutic Consultation and Case Management
  Staff Development
  And more!

Our special education experts can also provide staff development and training on a variety of topics.

If you feel your school(s) could benefit from assistance, we would welcome the chance to connect you with our nationwide network of 5,000+ therapists and related services professionals. Contact us today to request services, or to learn more about the many ways we can help your school!

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