Therapy Source CEO Joshua Cartagenova Interviewed for Rain Maker’s RoundUp

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Joshua Cartagenova on RVN Television

Therapy Source Co-Owner and CEO Joshua Cartagenova recently joined host Mark Iorio on RVN Television’s business show, Rain Maker’s RoundUp.

In the interview, Joshua discussed Therapy Source’s history as “one of the pioneers in online therapy” and how this origin – along with an incredibly talented team of employees – made it possible to quickly pivot during COVID-19 when a large influx of virtual pediatric therapeutic providers was needed.


Developing an Allied Health Leader

Therapy Source was founded in 2001 when Joshua’s wife, company co-owner and President Stacey, worked as a Speech-Language Pathologist and started connecting her colleagues to schools seeking to fill clinical positions. By combining Joshua’s business operational expertise with Stacey’s clinical knowledge, the married team grew their therapy staffing organization into one of the largest therapy focused staffing companies.


How To Build a Successful Work Culture

Joshua revealed that there isn’t a single element that defines a “good work culture”. “[Building culture] is the hardest thing for any entrepreneur to grasp. Without a proper culture, your business isn’t going to continue. I am a very open-door leader as well as my leadership team. So, it comes from the top-down,” he said. “I would emphasize the benefits of having an incredible leadership team and hiring people smarter than you. Put the focus on the team. I am only a cog with a vision. It’s the team that makes dreams happen.”

Joshua attributes Therapy Source’s success to his team’s growth-oriented mentality, dedication to improvement, and commitment to a cause that benefits others: helping children.

“If we can’t [express and] be consistent with our messaging about growth and about what we do … then shame on us,” Joshua said. “It’s not ‘said it and done.’ This is a 24/7 aspect that you need to work on with your business.”


The Necessity of Trial and Error

Joshua believes in the value of making mistakes–and learning from them–to become a more effective CEO. He encourages new and seasoned entrepreneurs alike to take risks and challenge themselves to try what’s outside of the norm.

“Mistakes have made us better as an organization. Turn to your team and say, ‘I made a mistake … but we learned from it,’” Joshua explained. “By making these missteps, it’s important for everyone to ponder and see ‘how can I make that better?’ This experience makes you a better owner and CEO to direct the ship. 


Watch the full Rain Maker’s RoundUp episode here!

Joshua Cartagenova on RVN Television

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