The Best Free Online Learning Resources for Educators and Therapists

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Amidst a transition to online (and often hybrid) learning, administrators, teachers, and therapists continue to work hard to master the ins and outs of virtual instruction. Thankfully, it seems that nearly every company in the industry now offers online tools, services, and resources to assist education professionals. With SO many online resources out there, it can be tough to know which to choose! To help, we’ve curated a list of our favorites and highlighted the benefits of each.

  1. Epic is a leading digital reading platform with more than 40,000 age-appropriate, high-quality books, audiobooks, videos, and quizzes for students grade six and under. In Epic, Teachers can assign books and track students’ reading progress. Get started here, and download the Remote Student Access Toolkit for assistance with using the service.
  2. Numerade, a free online education platform, includes a feature called Office Hours that lets teachers create video lessons using its recording and whiteboard system. Teachers can also create a playlist from more than 200,000 existing videos, plus receive anonymous questions from students and answer them through video. Sign up here.
  3. Skype a Scientist lets teachers and students meet and talk with scientists from all over the world. Teachers can choose a scientist that fits their lesson needs and get teacher planning resources for the session. Families can also sign up for the service for free. Educators can sign up here.
  4. Symbaloo, a content integration system, offers a safe and ad-free platform to distribute online resources to students. The platform has a gallery of 400,000 web mixes and 7,500 Learning Paths searchable by grade level and subject. Educators can sign up for Symbaloo PRO for Teachers here.
  5.  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt has created a learning support hub offering a vast library of services and educational resources to support at-home learning and professional development. Educators will receive access to teaching activities, lessons, downloadables, videoswebinars for school leaders, and much more.
  6. Share My Lesson–designed by educators for educators–provides collections of lesson plans and activities on various subject areas and topics. The comprehensive educational platform offers educators access to classroom activities, learning tools, and professional development resources.
  7.  Happy Numbers, a website and an app, personalizes the PK-5 math learning experience for students. The exhaustive platform leads students through a progression of skills and concepts designed to teach them how to “think math” and achieve procedural fluency.
  8. Voyager Sopris offers evidence-based K-12 math, literacy, professional learning, and evaluation solutions for in-person, virtual, and hybrid learning settings. VmathLive®, a game-oriented math program for students in grades K-8, equips and motivates learners to practice utilizing essential math skills, concepts, and problem-solving strategies at their own pace in a structured, interactive virtual setting.
  9. InferCabulary, a web-based vocabulary tool designed by Speech-Language Pathologists, helps students in grades 1-12 infer deep meanings of nuanced words by analyzing and interpreting the common thread among chosen images and provided captions. InferCabulary utilizes Semantic Reasoning, a cognitive-educational method developed by the company’s team, enabling students to actively infer words’ definitions after viewing five images of the word used in multiple contexts.
  10. TumbleBooks gives access to an online collection of licensed titles from leading children’s book publishers and learning resources, including lesson plans, puzzles, quizzes, and educational games associated with comprehension, literacy, and language skills. A subscription provides your learning institution or library digital access to the collection from school, library, and home.
  11. KinderLab Robotics has produced a booklet, No KIBO? No Problem!, which is available to educators and parents. The booklet contains exciting STEAM activities tailored to three to seven-year-olds. KIBO provides an age-appropriate, screenless approach for young children to discover robotics, programming, and coding in an unconventional, hands-on manner
  12. BOKS, a non-profit organization focused on helping kids establish a lifelong commitment to health and fitness, has assembled a downloadable resources page featuring many physical activities for kids to do at home.


What free online learning resources make YOUR life more manageable? Share in the comments section below!


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