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Top 10 OT Websites

When starting out as an Occupational Therapist – especially in a school-based position – it can often seem overwhelming to know where and how to begin the process of accumulating useful materials for use in your occupational therapy sessions. Conversely, if you’re a seasoned Occupational Therapist, it can sometimes be challenging to break free from your usual structure and incorporate new ideas. With this in mind – we’ve done the research for you and curated this list of occupational therapy websites that we think all pediatric Occupational Therapists will find valuable.


Therapy Fun Zone:


It’s a website of websites! Here you’ll find OT blogs and websites (examples: a “101 OT Ideas” blog that provides numerous ideas for activities and “Handwriting with Katherine,” which offers handwriting strategies and techniques).


The OT Toolbox:


This popular site includes Occupational Therapy ideas, crafts, handwriting, and cursive writing activities, for visual perceptual skills and sensory processing.


OT Toolkit Blog:


Dedicated to sharing experience, knowledge, and resources to make your job easier! Includes a 630-page resource manual with 283 patient handouts and 85 treatment guides.


Your Therapy Source Blog:


An online resource for special education, pediatric occupational and physical therapy publications to provide pediatric therapists, parents, and teachers with educational resources.


Your Kids OT Blog:


This informational blog for parents, teachers, and therapists offers creative ways to make learning fun.


The Anonymous OT:


This is an amazing place for families and professionals to interact and share their experiences related to pediatric occupational therapy. The blog offers information about pencil grasps and writing sensory goals, among many other topics.


Growing Hands on Kids:


This website offers free materials, activities, and ideas from several resources, all geared for parents, teachers, and occupational therapists. The site has six main sections, including hands-on activities, child development, tips, special needs, and behavior and sensory processing.


Which of these occupational therapy websites do YOU find most valuable? Do you have websites or blogs that you rely on but didn’t make our list? Please share them below!


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  1. Juliette Smith

    You can also add OTPlan as a good resource to search for pediatric activity ideas.


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