The Top 10 SLP Websites You Should Be Reading

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Top 10 Websites All SLPs Should Know

It’s late at night…I’m (more than) ready for bed…but first, I need to prepare a speech language therapy lesson for the next day! What to do?! Whenever I need a dose of inspiration (not to mention, a little help with preparation!), there are several speech therapy websites I make a direct beeline toward. These are the sites that I’ve consistently found to be most instrumental in providing resources for my online speech therapy sessions (though the resources found on these websites are relevant for in-person speech language therapy sessions as well!)


Top SLP Websites:


  1. Epic! – Books for Kids /

Epic! is the leading digital library for kids 12 and under. Instantly access 25,000 of the best books, learning videos, quizzes, and more. If you are not able to sign up as an educator, a “parent” subscription is only about $5/month. I’ve I found it to be worth every penny!


  1. /

Access texts at various levels, and browse based on the goal/skill you want to address.


  1. /

This website has tons of speech therapy worksheets for reading comprehension, as well as for various skills/goals. I like that when you browse for a worksheet, it tells you the grade levels, levels, and common core standards. This is great for getting an idea of what your students are expected to do in their classrooms, based upon their grade levels.


  1. /

This website analyzes any text you’re interested in, generating lists of the most useful vocabulary words, and showing you how those words are used in context. Just copy text from a document, paste it into the box, and click on the “Grab Vocabulary!” button. VocabGrabber will automatically create a list of vocabulary from your text, which you can then sort, filter, and save.


  1. Home-Speech-Home /

This site offers numerous speech resources from ideas/activities to word lists.


  1. Mommy Speech Therapy /

This site is primarily written to address parents with concerns about their child’s articulation skills, but there are many, free downloadable/printable pages that you may find useful…especially if you are just starting out as an SLP.


  1. Emotional Skill Sharing Site /

This site was created for professionals who work with students on social/emotional skills in the school setting. Most of the material is geared toward students from Kindergarten – 8th grade. This site has numerous teaching tools to download and use, tips for promoting pragmatic language and social-emotional skill success at home, and other useful links and resources.


  1. PBS Kids /

This site is part of the PBS Kids television channel, and provides games and videos that incorporate some of kids’ favorite PBS characters (e.g., Arthur, Curious George, Odd Squad).Your younger students will recognize the characters, which I find helps to increase engagement.


  1. Speaking of Speech /

This website is a materials exchange, with a  wealth of information and downloads in the following areas: articulation, auditory processing, AAC, caseload management, data forms, fluency, homework packets, language, lesson plans, literacy, life skills, medical/clinical, middle/high school, recipes/cooking/ social/pragmatics, thematic units, and therapy games.  The free materials have been generously donated by various visitors to this site.


  1. /

This site offers a free (or paid) subscription to worksheets, activities, and board games that you can download and print.  With a paid subscription, you can create a login for students, assign interactive games, and chart student progress. There is a tutorial to view once you’ve created your account.


What are YOUR favorite speech therapy websites and speech therapy blogs? Share them here!

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