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Are the wet, cold, shorter (darker) days of winter causing gloomy attitudes and lack of motivation in your speech therapy sessions? Turn those frowns upside down…filled with the happiest of images associated with the season, this free printable winter describing activity will add some seasonal flair to your school-based or online therapy classroom!

How it works:

For each page, have the student describe the winter-themed picture, by either dictating the response, or by typing the descriptive words and sentences themselves. Encourage the student to respond in complete sentences when answering the “Wh” questions for each.  As an example, the question, “What does it feel like?” should be answered in a complete sentence such as, “It feels smooth,” rather than just, “Smooth.”

Grade-level skills addressed through this activity:

  • Grades 1 to 3: orally describing each picture – receptive/expressive vocabulary, using complete sentences, sequencing, categorization, use of adjectives to describe each photo, and articulation (word, phrase, and/or conversational speech)
  • Grades 4 and up: oral and written descriptions for each picture – receptive/expressive vocabulary, use of adjectives to describe each photo, writing complete sentences, sequencing, categorization, sentence

Print this out for your speech therapy classroom, or upload it to use during your TheraWeb online therapy session!



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