Eight SLP Blogs To Follow (And Why!)

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Whether you’re a new or experienced speech-language pathologist (SLP), there’s always something new to learn.  Books, seminars and on-the-job trainings are essential, but few things compare to recommendations from others who share your passion for helping the students and patients with whom you work.  A rising number of SLPs blog, and some are quite good at it!


It would be time-consuming for you to follow all SLP blogs, so we’ve assembled a short list of our favorites. Most of the blogs featured are written by SLPs or current speech therapy students. They feature recent activity and remain current.  The selections are based on what we hope would be most useful to you, our readers— with content geared specifically to clinicians, parents and caregivers. We stuck to sites that are professional and well-written.  Finally, we picked blogs that focus on sharing general resources and news, rather than promoting products or services.


Sublime Speech (http://sublimespeech.com/) With a beautiful design and easy-to-browse articles, Sublime Speech rings honest, insightful and informative.  Danielle Reed, M.S., CCC-SLP shares personal anecdotes, as well as must-have lists, tips and more.  She incudes a sections with other sites she loves, as well as plenty of free and low-cost trivia type tools to spice things up in your classroom.  Sublime Speech also earns big points for organization and meticulous keyword tagging.  Check it out and then sign up for updates.


ALL4MYCHILD (http://all4mychild.com/) Get three great minds for the price of one at ALL4MYCHILD.  Clearly a labor of love for Meghan Graham MS, CCC-SLP; Jill Perry MHA, MS, OTR/L; and Karen Head MS, CCC-SLP, the blog focuses on “social adventure” through communication and self-regulation growth.  Graham, Perry and Head contribute insightful articles on topics ranging from the importance of make-believe play to pre-teen social interaction, fidget toys and much more.  As developers of several speech therapy-related apps, the team embraces technology, focusing on its positive impact on children of all ages and abilities.  The site’s BOOKS4ALL section offers suggestions along with detailed information about each story, as well as companion activities to try.  A clean design and images that pop make ALL4MYCHILD an all-around winner for parents, educators and speech therapists.


Busy Bee Speech (https://busybeespeech.com/) Lauren, the Louisiana-based SLP/blogger behind Busy Bee Speech, offers products, app reviews, activities, and free printouts, as well as Spanish bilingual resources. Recent topics have included toys for stuttering therapy activities, teletherapy ideas for preschool speech therapy, and speech therapy distance learning tips. Articulation, fluency, and language are all areas prominently featured in this popular blog.


Autism Resources and Community (http://blog.stageslearning.com/blog) Upon entering this site, you will be see colorful graphics and clear titles for a wealth of topics related to autism.  This blog covers many concerns/challenges for parents, teachers and therapists, including tips for enjoying the holidays, handling bullying and more.  One standout is an article contributed by Catlaina H. Vrana titled Autism Explained: An Autistic Woman Explains Common Autism Characteristics, Misconceptions, and the Neurodiversity Movement.  Vrana’s book Ella Autie: A Book About Autism Written by an Autistic Person is also featured on the blog.  Diverse perspectives abound here, thanks to multiple contributors with varying educational and professional backgrounds.


Play on Words (http://playonwords.com/) Speech and language expert Sherry Artemenko brings you Play on Words.  In it, she recognizes exceptional toys, games and books that encourage language, spark fun and invite creative play.  The site is easy to navigate with real-life photos and examples of great products at work.  She writes in detail and from experience—fostering an atmosphere of sincerity.  As a bonus, Artemenko’s insights have been shared on NBC Connecticut and News12 Connecticut.  She currently advises children’s authors and startups for children’s toys and media.  Plus, she started Play on Words 16 years ago—long before blogging became fashionable!


The Speech Guy (https://azspeechguy.wordpress.com/) The Speech Guy, Jeremy Legaspi, focuses mainly on tech, offering reviews and helpful information about speech and language-related apps.  His write-ups are accessible and often include screen shots and graphics to highlight the posts. You’ll also find an occasionally amusing anecdote, as well as tastefully humorous illustrations—often with selfies—that spark discussion on Auditory Processing Disorder, “Speech Therapy on the Fly” and holiday apps for SLPs.


Super Power Speech (http://superpowerspeech.com/) With a terrific tagline like, Empowering SLPs and Educators with Super Ideas, you’ll be compelled to stay and read on!  The great news is that once you’re in, this exceptional blog does not disappoint.  A button shows visitors exactly where to begin, leading to an introductory video by SLP blogger Cheri Chin in which she explains the mission of the blog.  Super Power Speech is inviting and offers great articles and tips, as well as an opportunity for SLPs, parents and educators to connect and share.


Mommy Speech Therapy http://mommyspeechtherapy.com/  Heidi Hanks M.S., CCC-SLP eloquently puts into words some of what SLPs may wish to share with parents of your speech therapy students.  There are clear, down-to-earth explanations of various speech and language disorders, as well as the basis behind current speech therapy methods. You’ll also find tips on reinforcing/practicing key skills at home.  We were particularly impressed with Hanks’ helpful posts on understanding the special education process and working with schools.  This blog also includes plenty of FREE downloads—some even grouped by specific sounds.


As a member of the SLP community, we know the value of sharing ideas, especially in cases when you are the sole practitioner in your school or district.  Blogs are great tools for getting inspired, gaining confidence, sharing ideas and broadening your scope.


Check these out and tell us which ones you like best.  Or, post in the comments about your favorite speech and language therapy blog, and tell us what makes it special!


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    Love these list! I got a handful of useful resources and inspiration. I especially like it when they post freebies because I use some of them in therapy.


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