Childhood Speech Disorders – What You Need to Know (INFOGRAPHIC)

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If your student is not speaking at the same pace as his peers, you may start getting concerned. Does my student have a developmental delay? Will he or she outgrow it? While it is normal to feel uneasy about childhood speech disorders, you might respond by browsing the web for more facts

However, the unfortunate reality is that you may stumble upon some false information while researching. Childhood speech disorders are frequently misunderstood by parents and educational professionals alike, so when it comes to comprehending them, misconceptions are not uncommon.

We are to help. Keep on reading to discover more about common myths — and how the truth debunks each one. To help with this, we’ve created an infographic filled with fast facts about childhood speech disorders that can be viewed and shared at-a-glance.


We hope that this infographic has helped you learn more about childhood speech disorders to augment your practice. Which of these facts about childhood speech disorders is YOUR favorite? Have any of these facts helped to improve your practice? If so, please share in the comments below!

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