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Learn how Therapy Source’s in-house expertise and customer-focused service have guided schools through challenges such as rapid growth and transition. Why Therapy Source?

KIPP Philadelphia

KIPP Public Charter School

The Challenge – Rapid Expansion

Katy Tipson, Director of Special Education, has seen the fruits of successful charter school expansion.  When she started working for KIPP Philadelphia Schools (“KIPP”) in 2006, there was just one middle school.  Now, with four sites – two middle schools, an elementary school and a high school, the need for related services has grown exponentially.

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The Stats

As of 2016, 22% of students attending KIPP require special education, and 15% receive related services – primarily psychological, speech therapy and occupational therapy. This equates to 362 students needing at least one type of therapist. With a nearly 118% caseload growth for just one school (between 2006-16), gaining access to highly qualified therapy providers – particularly those who adhere to KIPP’s “Five Pillars” (high expectations, leadership, commitment, more time and results) – became more critical than ever.

The Therapy Source Difference

Upon Tipson’s arrival at KIPP, Therapy Source was challenged with proving the worthiness of continuing their 2-year-long relationship. With several other vendors in the mix, this meant providing a top-caliber and uniquely differentiated level of service.

The Result

When KIPP experienced an unexpected service issue, Therapy Source embraced the opportunity to step up and shine, by providing (according to Tipson), “exceptional attention, and addressing all of [KIPP’s] needs.”  Tipson also notes that Therapy Source has had a positive impact on her own job role. “The schools trust me to fill their vacancies with quality providers, and by working with Therapy Source, I’m able to meet their needs,” she shares.

Special education and related services staffing is a naturally hefty expense for many charter schools and districts across the country, but Tipson attests, “the quality of the therapists [Therapy Source] provides makes the prices worth it.” In fact, Tipson notes, “Therapy Source has been able to provide quality therapists – and that is not always the case with other agencies.”

KIPP expansion continues – with five additional schools planned to open by 2019– and anticipates an ongoing relationship with Therapy Source as the organization serves more and more students in the Philadelphia area.

Based on the amiable, highly communicative and hard-working partnership between KIPP and Therapy Source, Tipson would not hesitate to recommend Therapy Source to other schools.

PA Leadership Charter School

PA Leadership Charter School

The Challenge – An Increase in Related Services Needs

When Lauren Domsohn, M.Ed. joined Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School (PALCS) as a special education teacher in 2014, Therapy Source had been the sole provider of related services for about nine years. During her appointment as Assistant Supervisor of Education, PALCS’ greatest staffing requirements were for speech-language pathologists (SLPs), occupational therapists (OTs) and physical therapists (PTs). But in 2015, Lauren noticed a growing need for other professionals to provide student support – especially personal care assistants (PCAs).

Re-evaluation reports corroborated the need for PCAs, as it became evident that an increased number of students encountered difficulty accessing the K12 curriculum due to executive functioning or behavioral needs.

The need for PCAs had been growing, but PALCS had, in the past, worked with tutors to address that need. PALCS decided to segment behavioral and academic support to meet students’ needs and parents’ expectations. The organization turned to Therapy Source, anticipating a solution and positive outcome.

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The Therapy Source Difference

To Domsohn, communication consistency and supportiveness – and everyday reachability – make it so easy to partner with Therapy Source and ensure PALCS is in full compliance in providing necessary student services.

Although the staffing market is saturated with providers, Domsohn and her team looks only to Therapy Source, noting the company “has been consistent in matching us with providers, and keeping us informed if the match is difficult to make and reasons why, so we can continuously inform our parents.”

Domsohn affirmed Therapy Source’s communication and delivery excellence, saying: “I’m consistently getting students matched, typically within two weeks…which is exactly what we’re looking for.” Giving tribute to PALCS’ dedicated account director at Therapy Source, she reflected, “it’s really nice for us to have someone we can count on to keep us informed.”

The Result

According to Domsohn, Therapy Source “really helped us by obtaining professionals that can serve in a PCA capacity, rather than just a tutoring role.”

Therapy Source was able to successfully staff two new professions – PCAs and reading specialists – and has since expanded PALCS’ direct service hours for these professions by 37 percent in Q1 2016, compared to Q1 2015. Additionally, Therapy Source provides increased support for PALCS students’ needs for both in-person and online counseling – a growth in direct service hours that almost hit 3000% between 2014 and 2015, and continues to expand.

PA Virtual Charter School

PA Virtual Charter School

The Challenge – A Special Education Department in Transition

When Jabari Harris joined the Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School (PAVCS) as a Special Education Support Services Coordinator in January 2015, the special education department was in transition, and the caseload was expanding rapidly. This growth has continued: the number of students requiring therapy services in grades 9 to 12 has grown approximately 90% since Harris initially came onboard. As a result, the organization encountered difficulty finding both therapists and evaluators. The pressure was on PAVCS to help propel high school students into a successful future by providing necessary speech, occupational and physical therapy – in full compliance with every Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

Upon Harris’ arrival at PAVCS, Therapy Source had already been providing services. Now – as one provider among half a dozen others – the onus was on Therapy Source to provide qualified, high-caliber speech-language pathologists (SLPs), occupational therapists (OTs), and physical therapists (PTs, while keeping up with the rapidly evolving needs of this growing online charter school.

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The Therapy Source Difference

“Therapy Source is our major provider,” said Harris. “They have the broadest reach of any of the providers that PAVCS has a relationship with,” he added. In what other critical areas did Therapy Source excel in order to rise to the top? According to Harris, “they’re able to fill needs fast and they staff us with proven, reliable professionals who produce a high quality of work.” He also noted that Therapy Source shines in the areas of response time and communication.

The Result

Harris shared that Therapy Source has had a “large effect” on PAVCS’ operations, finances, compliance audits, and – most importantly – student progress. Partnering with Therapy Source has made his role easier, ensuring the majority of the school’s therapy and evaluation needs are properly staffed.

Harris looks forward to a continued relationship, and would recommend Therapy Source to other schools and districts, based upon “their attention to detail and commitment to meeting staffing needs.”

PA Distance Learning

The PA Distance Learning Charter School

The Challenge – Hard-to-Find Therapists

The PA Distance Learning Charter School (“PA Distance Learning”) is small when compared with other virtual schools – but that doesn’t mean their needs are any less urgent. In her five years with PA Distance Learning, Director of Special Education Jamie Desrochers has watched therapy needs increase as the student population has grown. Often times, student needs can be SO significant that finding a good therapist in the area needed can be a huge challenge.

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The Stats

On average, 13% of PA Distance Learning students receive related services – primarily, speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy. Physical Therapists are particularly difficult to find in certain areas – and the risk of students being completely without services is alarmingly real.

The Therapy Source Difference

Therapy Source is the primary provider of PA Distance Learning’s in-home therapy services.

“The team at Therapy Source is able to come through with a therapist – sometimes in a moment’s notice,” says Desrochers.

In one instance, for example, PA Distance Learning was encountering hurdle after hurdle in providing services to a student with significant special needs. “Therapist after therapist turned down offers for that position because of the severe special needs and the location, and telepractice was not a viable option for the student,” recalled Shannon Bowman, the Therapy Source Account Director who works closely with Desrochers. “We knew we had our work cut out for us – especially since other staffing agencies were unable to find a provider,” added Bowman, “but we are people who persevere for our clients.”

Bowman continued, “Our therapists knew the urgency – the progress of a child with significant delays was at stake. Even though it was geographically inconvenient, they were literally willing to go the distance with us.”

The Result

Bowman’s team of recruiters are adeptly skilled at leveraging their existing relationships to locate the “right” therapists – and they’ve made good use of this skill to ensure no PA Distance Learning student is at risk of missing out on the services they so urgently need.

Speaking of Therapy Source’s relationship with its therapists, Bowman reflects, “They want to help the students – and they want to work with us. We have solid relationships with our therapists, “she said, “This is instrumental in our ability to help students receive the therapy services they need.”

Desrochers concurs that Therapy Source knows how to foster and maintain rapport – and THAT makes all the difference to PA Distance Learning. “I have a good working relationship with
Therapy Source,” she notes thoughtfully, adding “all of my communication with Therapy Source has been positive…our school is looking forward to a continued relationship.”

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