Online Therapy through TheraWeb®

Online therapy is an emerging service delivery model that allows students to receive speech-language, physical, occupational and behavioral therapy via the Internet, from a certified therapist. Research has shown that, from a clinical and patient satisfaction perspective, outcomes emulate those of traditional face-to-face sessions.

TheraWeb is Therapy Source’s easy-to-use platform for online, real-time therapy delivery.

Through cutting-edge technology, this solution enables schools to:

  • Fill therapist gaps caused by personnel shortages, long- or short-term leaves of absence, extended school closings, and homebound students
  • Balance and manage caseloads across on-site and online therapists
  • Reach children who are physically fragile, or for whom location is an issue
  • Source specialized and bilingual therapists
  • Reduce indirect and travel costs
  • Maintain privacy through a secure, HIPAA-compliant connection
  • Stay in compliance with federal and state requirements
  • Engage students in a “fun” manner, through shared whiteboards and documents

TheraWeb can be utilized across several types of therapy, including speech-language, occupational, physical and behavioral.


Our Blended Approach

With our blended in-person and online approach, Therapy Source can provide a solution that allows for in-person therapy balanced with the benefits of online therapy delivery. This allows for flexibility in caseload management – and enables, online therapists to reach remote schools, and fill in gaps caused by illness, school closings, and leaves of absence.

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TheraWeb Session Examples