Ten Terrific Literacy Learning Apps for Children

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The modern landscape of K-12 education has challenged educators to increasingly shift their teaching approach – and this includes introducing more and more technological tools in their curriculum. More than ever before, schools are offering iPads, tablets, video conferencing platforms, and other technical devices to help students develop critical learning skills such as reading, writing, spelling, speech, and vocabulary. Beyond these benefits, learning apps also provide a fun and interactive way for discouraged children to stay motivated in the classroom.

If you’re unsure where to start, take a deep breath – we’ve got you covered! We have searched far and wide to identify the best literacy, reading, and writing learning apps to assist your students.


1. BrainPOP Featured Movie (Free)

A popular student-approved learning app, the BrainPOP Featured Movie app, contains animated movies to keep students engaged with humor, relatable characters, and exciting narratives. Every movie, which addresses subjects like mathematics, music, arts, history, and technology, provides a corresponding interactive assessment to support children’s self-guided learning.
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2. Sight Word Games ($3.99)

An engaging tool for students in grades K-3, This app is unique in that it allows educators to select the sight word(s) on which to focus. It features fun games, emphasizing reading, spelling, and increased fluency to improve student comprehension and understanding.


3. Bluster! (Free)

Designed for older readers, this animated word matching game includes over 800 vocabulary words and expands word understanding for school-aged readers. Children have the opportunity to learn and practice crucial word skills and match rhyming words, prefixes and suffixes, synonyms, homophones, adjectives, and more.


4. First Words Animals ($1.99)

First Words Animals is a fun learning app that can help students build fine motor skills, identify and match letters, learn how to spell vocabulary words, and familiarize themselves with phonics.


5. Goofy Mad Libs (Free)

Guaranteed to create lots of laughs, this bright and colorful app provides twenty-one engaging Mad Libs stories that students can play solo or with friends and family. Like the original book version, players complete a previously unseen story with prompts for various parts of speech that are sure to create a hilarious tale.


6. Spell Mania: Spelling Games (Free)

A literacy-focused app utilizing interactive gameplay, Spell Mania offers fun games to train students to discover 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7-letter words. With three exciting game modes (Free Play, Puzzle Mode, and Time Attack), Spell Mania provides valuable features like an offline dictionary to check a word’s definition after spelling it, colorful themes, and a Game Center where users can rack up achievements.


7. My StorySchool eBook Maker ($4.99)

My Story uses the power of storytelling as an educational tool to cultivate literacy, creative processing, self-guided learning, and reading comprehension skills in elementary school students. The app lets children create movies of their stories by recording their voices, adding text, and selecting hundreds of fun stickers, photos, and drawings.


8. Noodle Words ($2.99)

A highly-ranked app developed by award-winning designer Mark Schlichting, Noodle Words encourages emerging readers to discover and play with words through interactive animations. This child-approved app teaches students to recognize, define, and understand vocabulary words at their own pace through exposure, repetition, and context on a playful, colorful medium.


9. Spell it out 🙂 (Free)

A top-selling app developed by education experts and user-interface designers, this magical game gives children the opportunity to interact with and learn about over fifty animals. Both intuitive and easy-to-use, the app features authentic animal noises, colorfully illustrated animal images, and real-life forest scenes from across the globe.


10. Rory’s Story Cubes ($1.99)

The ultimate storytelling game, Rory’s Story Cubes allows students to tell an infinite number of stories by mixing nine cubes and fifty-four images in over 10 million combinations. We suggest using this app with students who are learning a new language, practicing role-playing, or developing their creativity skills.


Educators, which literacy learning apps have you used while teaching students? We would love to hear your thoughts. Share in the comments below!

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