FREE DOWNLOAD: St. Patrick’s Day Matching Activity for Visual Discrimination

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St. Patrick's Day Matching Game

Here’s an enjoyable – and free – St. Patrick’s Day activity that WON’T require the luck of the Irish! Your students will enjoy the fun theme, which incorporates visual discrimination and visual attention skills.


Why Visual Discrimination is Important

Visual Discrimination is the ability to recognize details in visual images. It allows students to identify and recognize the likeness and differences of shapes/forms, colors, and position of objects, people, and printed materials. Building upon visual discrimination skills helps to determine minimal differences between objects, which is especially important for students who are learning to read and write (when reading and writing, visual discrimination provides us with the ability to discriminate the difference between “p” and “d”.)


Why Visual Attention is Important

Visual Attention skills are what allow us to discriminate important information or the details of what we see. As we observe the environment, that information is stored in our working memory so that we are aware of potential hazards around us. This sort of focus allows us to perform everyday tasks, such as walking and driving, without injury. Similarly, copy work requires visual attention as students copy information from a Smart Board or book onto a piece of paper. As the student looks to the Smart Board to find what to copy, and then down to the paper to begin writing, he or she uses visual attention to determine where he or she left off reading, and then where to begin copying the information onto the paper.


To Complete This Activity…

Look carefully at the leprechauns in the top row. Then, find the differences in the leprechauns in the bottom row. See if you can spot all 12 differences. Answers are provided on the second page.

Print out this St. Patrick’s Day Matching Activity for your classroom, or upload it to a TheraWeb online therapy session!


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