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Winter is definitely upon us, and we’re embracing the season in all its glory by incorporating the most identifiable elements into synonym matching worksheets that are educational, fun, and free! Increasing a student’s ability to use and understand synonyms helps to improve their vocabulary knowledge and increase comprehension of the spoken and written word, which makes these activities perfect for Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) and Special Education Teachers alike. These synonym matching activities can be easily incorporated into your school-based therapy session or online therapy session.


Snowy Day Synonym Matching Activity

To complete the synonym activity, students must match each synonym from the word bank to the corresponding word next to the matching image/topic. Images/topics are:

    • Snowman
    • Sled Riding
    • Ice Skating
    • Snowball Fight

The synonyms included in this activity are: rock + stone, quick +fast, cap + hat, toss + throw, lake + pond, battle + fight, shoe + boot, round + circular, branch + stick, shoestrings + laces and glide + slide.

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Synonym Mitten Matching Activity

For this activity, students will draw a line from each mitten on the left to the mitten with the matching synonym on the right. The synonyms included are:

cold + chilly,  hat + cap, windy + breezy, jelly + jam, mad + angry, happy + cheerful, pretty + beautiful, silly + funny, smart +clever, road + street, big + large, start + begin, finish + end, small + little, and thin + skinny.

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