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With 24 consonants and 20 vowels in the English language, it’s no wonder that many children end up struggling to pronounce at least 1 or 2. And of course, /r/ sound referrals are among the most common within the school-based SLP community. It’s likely for this reason that many creative activities for school-based therapy are focused on R words and /r/ sounds! In this spirit, we’ve developed 3 visually appealing R-packed articulation activity sheets that will bring some fun into your special education classroom or therapy session. Each is designed to address the /r/ sound in a specific part of the word.

The first articulation activity sheet focuses on words starting with R: Rug, Robot, Rake, Ring, Rocket, Rain, Ribbon, Rocks, Rabbit, Raccoon, Radio, Rope, Rose

The next articulation activity sheet encompasses words with R in middle: Bird, Squirrel, Fork, Horse, Heart, Carrot, Turtle, Earth, Camera, Pirate, Worm, Giraffe, Lizard, Shirt

And finally, the final articulation activity sheet includes words that end in R: Star, Tire, Door, Lobster, Dinosaur, Feather, Hammer, Car, Helicopter, Flower, Tiger, Pear, Square

These activity sheets are colorful, easy to download, and (best of all) free! The /r/ sound activity sheets combine visual scanning skills with initial, media, and final /r/ sounds.  Without even realizing it, your students will be working on building their vocabulary and visual perception skills!

How does it work?
Each activity sheet is comprised of 2 pages. Students will count the images on the first page and then count the quantities in the space provided on the second page. Have students see how many objects they can find and then say each one aloud to elicit the /r/ sound.



We hope these articulation activity sheets are helpful in your SLP job! What are your current “go-to” /r/ sound activities? Share in the comment section below!


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