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The cold, gray days of winter are upon us…but they’re not ALL bad! There are plenty of things to love about the briskest season, and we’ve created a winter bingo activity to remind you of just how beautiful the season can be. Perfect for Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) and Special Education Teachers, this winter bingo activity is an excellent addition to any school-based therapy session or online therapy session.

This awesome bingo game includes three unique game boards along with a list of 24 WH questions (and answers). Read from the list while your speech therapy student crosses off the picture that answers the question posed.

The WH questions in this speech therapy activity will surely engage the children in your classroom:

  • What is a black and white bird that has a funny walk?
  • What type of shoes go on your feet during the winter?
  • What do you use to go down a snowy hill really fast?
  • What is a six-sided ice crystal?
  • What does falling ice turn into when it freezes?
  • What is a human-like figure made of snow?
  • What winter activity can you do on a solid body of water?
  • What goes on your head and keeps you warm?
  • What covers your hands and keeps them warm?
  • What does frozen water turn into?
  • What can you use to decorate a tree?
  • What attaches to your feet and glides over snow?
  • What do you wear under your boots to keep warm?
  • What do you put on over your clothes when you go outside?
  • What is a liquid food served hot?
  • What is a sweet, hot drink that goes well with a candy cane?
  • What do you use to dig snow?
  • Where can a family gather inside to keep warm?
  • What goes around your neck for warmth?
  • Where do Eskimos live?
  • Who has a shiny nose?
  • What candy is red and white and sweet, and in the shape of a cane?
  • Who leaped from an oven and ran away in a classic fairytale?
  • Who is “nipping at your nose” in the classic song?

To win, the student must connect five squares horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. This speech therapy resource could also be used for a vocabulary, describing, categorizing, or a grammar lesson and will work well for kindergarteners all the way up to fifth graders.

Print this out to use in your special education classroom, or upload it to a TheraWeb online therapy session!


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