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Start your engines! This fun and engaging racing-themed visual discrimination activity is sure to be a hit in your online or school-based occupational therapy classroom. This activity focuses on visual discrimination and visual attention skills, while solving a fun racing-themed puzzle.

Visual Discrimination ActivityAbout Visual Discrimination
Visual perceptual skills allow us to determine minimal differences between objects, while the ability to visually discriminate helps us to determine and locate different objects. Therapy games are a great way to strengthen those skills. When reading and writing, visual discrimination provides us with the ability to discriminate the difference between “p” and “d”.

About Visual Attention
Visual attention skills are what allow us to discriminate important information or details of what we see. As we look at an image, we are able to filter out the unimportant. It allows a student to focus on the teacher as he or she teaches. Driving a car or motorcycle requires us to use visual attention to determine what is on or near the road, helping us to drive safely. Copy work requires visual attention as students copy information from a Smart Board or book onto a piece of paper. As the student looks to the Smart Board to find what to copy, and then down to the paper to begin writing, he or she uses visual attention to determine where he or she left off reading, and then where to begin copying the information on to the paper.Ra

To Complete This Racing-Themed Visual Discrimination Activity
Look carefully at the race car in the first box (the one that reads, “Match This!”) Then, look at each of the four race cars in the main section on the page, from top to bottom. Choose one car in the main section that is different from the car in the first box and circle it. Be sure to look closely at each item before choosing. There will only be one!

Print this out for your speech therapy lesson in the classroom, or upload it to a TheraWeb online therapy session!

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