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Looking for a fun new speech therapy game to bring into your classroom? Our S Blend tic tac toe speech therapy game is sure to brighten up your speech therapy sessions! This free articulation activity is full of vibrant pictures and focuses on S blends (S clusters) sc, sk, sl, sm, sn, sp, st, and sw. The free speech therapy game included here addresses “S” production in the word-initial position as well as the phonological error pattern of Cluster Reduction.

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To play S Blend tic tac toe, the student selects the picture on the board where he/she would like to make his/her “X” or “O.” Next, the student names the picture that occupies that spot for the specified number of times you require.

To incorporate a visual cue to help the student remember to include the /s/ sound, explain and model the following: place the index finger of your right hand on the top of your left shoulder. As you say the /s/ sound (prolonging the sound as you move your finger), slide your index finger down the length of your arm until you reach your wrist. Stop your finger and end the /s/ production, pause briefly, and then tap the back of the left hand once for the rest of the word as you say it. For example, the word “stop” would sound like this: “SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS (as your index finger slides down your arm from shoulder to wrist) SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ^ (^ = pause), (tap the back of the hand and say…) “TOP.”

This speech activity can also be used for language therapy (e.g., pronouns, complete sentences, question asking/answering, vocabulary). An example of how: have your student use the skills you’ve worked on to create a sentence or question (based on the student’s IEP goals) and if the sentence/question is grammatically correct, the student can put his/her “X” or “O” on that item.

As with traditional tic tac toe, each player takes a turn, and whoever gets 3 “X’s” or “O’s” in a row: across, horizontally, or diagonally is the winner!

We hope you enjoy this speech therapy game, as well as the other speech therapy materials we have available as free downloads!


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