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Winter Word Search

Is it just me, or does it seem as if technology has become the “new normal” for the elementary-school set? Just this morning, I awoke this morning to find my 7-year-old daughter on her iPad…not playing games, or watching YouTube videos of toy unboxings or “talking” Barbie dolls (though these are favorites of hers as well). No…my daughter was CODING….a skill she learned at school, in her technology class (the newest ‘special’ to emerge, now sharing time with the standards of MY youth: gym, library, and music).

But even with her iPad always close at hand…my daughter is quick to abandon electronic entertainment when presented with such old-school delights as hangman, tic-tac-toe…and my personal favorite (and I think, hers as well)…word search puzzles. As a child, she delights in the act of circling yet another word and gleefully crossing it off of the list. As a parent, I know that she’s learning these new words as she seeks them out. A win-win!

For the same reasons, word search puzzles are ALSO guaranteed to be a win-win in your school-based therapy session or special education classroom. And with winter in full swing, we’ve developed two winter-themed word searches, available now as free printable downloads (with answer keys included).

One of these printable word search puzzles is ideal for your younger speech therapy or special education students, while the more advanced word selection in the other printable word search puzzle makes it appropriate for later elementary-aged students and older. Both are perfectly suited to add an element of fun to your lesson, while providing an opportunity to open a dialogue about winter and all the things it encompasses (Cold! Ice! Mittens! Snow!)

Each of these FREE word search puzzles is in user-friendly Adobe PDF format, and can be printed directly for immediate use, or saved to your computer for future use.

Do YOU have an example of how you’ve trumped technology with old-school fun in your therapy session or classroom? Share it here!

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