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From vibrant-colored leaves to bright orange pumpkins…Fall is a beautiful time of year! With all of these bright colors and fun sensations to draw from, it’s the perfect time of year to get students engaged within your speech therapy job. To help, we’ve put together this fun (and FREE) downloadable resource for you to include in your next therapy session! These free downloadable worksheets (10, in all) prompt students to describe colorful Fall photos (including apples, pumpkins, bright leaves, cute scarecrows and many more!)

Grade-level skills addressed through our fall description speech activity:

  • Grades 1 to 3: orally describing each picture – receptive/expressive vocabulary, categorization, use of adjectives, and articulation (word, phrase, and/or conversational speech)
  • Grades 4 and up: oral and written descriptions for each picture – receptive/expressive vocabulary categorization, sentence structure/grammar, synonyms/antonyms, articulation (word, phrase, and/or conversational speech)

You can share our fall description speech activity as part of your speech therapy job by uploading it to your online therapy classroom, or by printing it out.

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How it works:

For each page, have the student describe the Fall-themed picture, either dictating the response to you or by typing the descriptive words and sentences themselves. Add one response per space, for a total of five descriptions per page. Sections include: category, function, appearance, material, parts, location, etc.

As an example: in the photo below, the student would use the space provided to describe the apples in the picture.

Free Speech Therapy Activity - Describing Fall Photos

Some sample descriptions that could be used:

  1. The apples are red.
  2. Eat them!
  3. Crunchy apples.
  4. Apples grow on trees.
  5. Seeds in the apples.

Print this out for your speech therapy classroom, or upload it to use during your TheraWeb online therapy session!

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Download Your FREE Fall Description Speech Activity >>

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