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It feels like just yesterday that we were sunbathing by the pool (and if you’re in one of the warmer parts of the country, you probably still are!) Here in PA though, we’re embracing all things Fall…cool, crisp nights, pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, and of course, Halloween. Already a favorite holiday for children everywhere, it’s a great theme to incorporate into your speech therapy job. And of course…nothing says “Halloween” like a fun, FREE download…right? So in the Halloween spirit, we’ve put together an easy-to-use bingo activity geared toward answering WH questions.

This awesome download includes 3 unique game boards, along with a list of 24 WH questions. Read from the list, while your speech therapy student crosses off the picture that answers the question being posed.

The WH questions in this speech therapy activity are bound to capture the attention of any child, with imaginative and thought provoking favorites, such as:

  • Where does a witch cook her brew?
  • Who has wide, pointed wings and flies around at night?
  • What does a witch wear on her head?
  • Where would witches, goblins, ghouls and spiders all live?
  • What costume would you wear if you wanted to “meow”?
  • What would you wear if you wanted to hide your face – and scare someone?
  • What costume would you wear if you wanted to wear a dress and crown?
  • Who crawls around on eight legs?

To win, the student must connect 5 squares horizontally, vertically or diagonally. This speech therapy resource could also be used for a vocabulary, describing, categorizing, or a grammar lesson, and will work well with your Kindergarteners, all the way up to your fifth graders.

Print this out for your speech therapy lesson in the classroom, or upload it to a TheraWeb online therapy session!


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Halloween Bingo Free Download

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