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These days, no school-based speech-language pathologist (SLP) therapist needs to feel alone in the world—even if you’re the only school-based therapist at your work site.  The Internet is for sharing, and we are a generous breed that works to improve the lives of students and patients everywhere. That’s why so many speech therapists – as well as others in school-based therapy jobs – moonlight as bloggers and webmasters, offering online resources for speech therapists for immediate use. To give you a lowdown on some of the best places to go, we scoured the web to highlight a few of our favorite resources for speech therapists!

While it’s impossible to find all resources for speech therapists, we picked our favorites based on the availability of both low-cost and FREE items, as well as overall user-friendliness of the sites. Of course, take a minute to check out our free resources too >>


Speaking of Speech — Patricia Mervine is an SLP who runs this incredibly comprehensive site.  She specializes in alternative/augmentative communication and assistive technology, so she’s on top of her game with plenty of great resources she’s willing to share—mostly for FREE.  We especially love her Materials Exchange section, which features a bevy of PDFs for recipes, homework packets, lesson plans, management tools, documentation and more! See for yourself >>


Patricia Mervine on TeachersPayTeachers — If you haven’t already, check out TeachersPayTeachers.  This is an amazing open marketplace for educational materials. There are so many educators buying, selling and sharing here.  And users rate the items they download and try.  Patricia Mervine’s profile on TeachersPayTeachers builds on her site, Speaking of Speech, with more printables designed specifically for speech and language development.  She offers a FREE download to allow users to sample her work and there are plenty of low-cost and FREE items to try, including seasonal vocabulary/phrase builders, social skill builders for older children, close reading guides for high schoolers and much more. Visit her website >>


Speech Therapy Ideas — It doesn’t get any more straightforward than this!  With a page devoted to printables, this site offers some great—and quick—activities you can download.  There are a few holiday-related sheets, as well as crafting projects, student reference cards and more.  The full site offers additional resources and materials you can purchase. View their downloads >>


Speech and Language Kids — Carrie Clark is a speech therapist and the founder of Speech and Language Kids.  The site is clean and well-designed.  With a clearly stated goal to share what has worked for her students and parents, Clark has assembled an impressive collection of articulation cards, calming strategies, games, data collection forms and more!  You’ll find them free to download here.  The site DOES ask for your email address in order to download the freebies, and there are paid membership options for more materials.  But considering the quality of this site, all are worth considering.  Browse their free printables >>


Do2Learn — Slightly off the beaten path of speech and language therapy, but still relevant to many classroom and therapy settings, Do2Learn offers some excellent printable picture cards for a variety of situations and occasions. Use them to create visual schedules, story strips, lesson plans and more.  They cover topics such as healthcare, social behavior, self-help, safety, activities, seasons/holidays, activities, home/school, and technology. Learn more >>


Testy Yet Trying — As both a speech pathologist and mother of a child with Apraxia of Speech, the author of this blog has much invested in the quality of what she shares.  You will agree that this immediately comes across in her honest and heartfelt explanation of her background and family story.  The site is clean and easy to navigate and there is huge section of FREE Speech Articulation Materials that cover a wide variety of sounds and blends.  There are clear instructions on how to download, print and use each sheet. Check it out >>


Speech2Teach — This is a simple, clean site with some really high-quality resources. There is an entire section of seasonal activities and printables, as well Listening Lion Sound card packs.  The items here are available to purchase through the TeachersPayTeachers shopping cart/profile as individuals or bundles. Shop for them >>


Speech Languages Resources — Designed for professionals in the field, this speech-language resources website provides a gateway to information for better understanding language and literacy difficulties in school-age children with in-depth descriptions.  It also features information, picture book activities and more with plenty of detail to help your students overcome language and literacy difficulties. Learn More >>


Home Speech Home — There’s a lot here besides printables—all worth looking at!  This site covers both adult and child speech therapy with helpful articles, screeners, activities and more.  Downloadable PDFs available here include development charts, describing worksheets and more. And while they’re not in PDF format, the word lists on Home Speech Home are very comprehensive.  Teaching sound books, flashcards and more are also available for purchase here. View them now >>


Teaching Talking — From items costing less than $5, on up to more expensive bundles (in the $80 arena), Teaching Talking via TeachersPayTeachers offers beautifully detailed downloadable resources. There are seasonal specialized activities, games, worksheets and more! You can search by topic/theme, holiday/season, language diagnosis, grade level and price. And because it’s powered by TeachersPayTeachers, there are reviews and ratings for many of the items to help you make good choices on what you invest in.  With an account, you can also preview many of the items you’re interested in. Check them out >>


Speechy Musings — Again via TeachersPayTeachers (you really should get an account here!), Speechy Musings features one of the most comprehensive lists of FREE items with some pretty impressive ratings.  There are a lot of great printables here for conversational/social skills. The site is enthusiastically run by a pediatric speech-language pathologist who loves her work and believes whole-heartedly in pooling resources.  It’s an expertly designed site with lots to get inspired about. Visit their website >>


Where do you get YOUR printables?  Or, perhaps you already have a site where you offer resources for speech therapists to others in the field.  Either way, we invite you to share your story in the comments below!


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