Top Articulation Apps for SLPs (as rated by your peers!)

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In celebration of Better Speech and Hearing Month, we’ll be showcasing articulation apps that school-based Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) can use in therapy sessions. Today’s focus: speech therapy articulation apps.

All of these articulation apps have been vetted and highly rated by your SLP peers. And while some are on the higher side in regards to cost, we think you’ll find them to be well worth it!


Articulation Station Pro

Developer:  Little Bee Speech

Cost: $59.99

Articulation Station, developed by an SLP mama of four (@mommy_slp), helps those with speech delays. The app can be effective for both individual and group school-based speech therapy – giving SLPs 22 sounds programs, the ability to score, track, record and manage data and the ability to add images.  With 1,200+ target words, 96 rotating sentences, rhymes and stories, 1,300+ unique sentences, SLPs will find a treasure trove of speech-catalyzing resources!  Try out the app’s P sound program for free! Read the review by Common Sense Media® (@commonsense) here.



Developer:  Expressive Solutions

Cost: $29.99 (free version available)

With engaging flashcard and matching activities, you can help students with speech sound delays.  There is a free version of the app, but school-based SLPs will certainly find more value in the full version – an additional 20 sound decks, plus the ability to create cards using your own photos or illustrations – providing a customized speech therapy student experience for each individual or group speech therapy session. Read the review by SLP Jenna Rayburn (@SpeechRoomNews) here.


Speech FlipBook – Articulation & Apraxia

Developer:  Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd.

Cost: $9.99 (free version available)

Therapists, teachers, and parents alike can use this talking flipbook, which is customizable to individual student needs.  Speech therapists can generate specific word lists – for example, focusing on all words that begin or end with a certain sound – and help students hear their progress using recording and playback features.  The free version includes 16 sounds and 40 words, with the option to upgrade to more than 2,300-word recordings, 125 phonemes and clusters, all vowels and consonants, and more than 250 sets of homophones. Read SLP Maureen Wilson’s review here.


R Intensive SLP

Developer:  SmartyEars

Cost: $19.99

Both new and experienced SLPs in school-based jobs know that /r/ is a difficult phoneme for children.  Thankfully, SmartyEars (@SmartyEarsApps) developed this app with flashcards, a matching game, and a guessing game. Each of the activities is appropriate to use in either individual or group speech therapy in a school setting.  Helpful features include information storage and the ability to email “report cards” – or print directly from the app!  Read school-based SLP Mary Huston’s review here.


Articulation Scenes

Developer: Smarty Ears

Cost: $29.99

Bright, intricately designed scenes in this app will help make articulation therapy extra fun for students receiving speech therapy! More than 1,200 words and 72 cinematic scenes come with the app – with three or more scenes for initial, medial and final sounds of all consonants.  There’s a special segment for students practicing the /r/ phoneme, with one scene per type of sound.  Speech students will stay engaged with four types of activities. Like Smarty Ears’ R Intensive SLP app, this one includes data tracking, with the ability to generate “report cards,” and send and print results.  Read the review by SLP Nanette Cote here


SLPs – do you use any of the above articulation apps?  If so, please provide your feedback on how it worked for you in the comments section!  And if there’s an “app for that” not listed above and you believe it should be, please share with us!



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