The Top 10 Apps That All SLPs Should Be Using

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Looking for effective and engaging apps for speech therapy and some new tools to help out in your next SLP session? Whether your expertise is articulation, expressive language, receptive language, social skills integration, or another specialty, the top 10 speech therapy apps that made our list have a lot to offer school-based SLPs — and the children they help.


1. Articulation Station
Developer: Little Bee Speech
Cost: Free (Full version is $59.99)
Available From: Apple iTunes App Store

Articulation Station is the flagship app of Little Bee Speech and is intended to serve as a comprehensive program to help those with speech sound delays. SLPs can use the app in both individual and group therapy sessions, facilitating the practice of 22 sounds and collecting data to help evaluate progress. Parents can find this useful for reinforcement of therapeutic goals at home. In-app purchases are available for as little as $3.99, with the full version (“Articulation Station Pro”) is $59.99.


2. ArtikPix
Developer: Expressive Solutions
Cost: Free (Full version is $29.99)
Available From: Apple iTunes App Store (Full / Free)

This articulation app enables children to practice their speech using flashcards and matching activities. Collecting, saving, and exporting time-stamped data (per student) is possible for individual sessions – and group therapy for up to four children at a time. The free version gives you “th,” “w,” “y,” and “h” decks; an additional 20 are available as an In-App purchase, with discounts available for all or multiple decks.


3. Conversation Therapy
Developer: Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd.
Cost: $24.99 (Trial version with 1% of content is available)
Available From: Apple iTunes App Store / Google Play Store

Ideal for children aged nine and older, this app gives therapists more than 3,000 questions to use as prompts, helping students aiming to make progress in expressive language, pragmatics, problem-solving and cognitive communication. Individual and group therapy is customizable with individual goal tracking and reporting available.


4. Keyword Understanding
Developer: Aptus Speech & Language Therapy Ltd
Cost: $11.99
Available From: Apple iTunes App Store 
(other Aptus apps are available for Android through Google Play)

A receptive language app, Keyword Understanding helps children experiencing auditory processing difficulties, receptive language disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and reduced attention. Basic concepts (e.g. size and color) are addressed as well as prompts to follow directions with up to two steps in increasing difficulty. Therapists have the ability to facilitate learning in auditory mode, text mode, or both.


5. Let’s be Social: Social Skills Development
Developer: Everyday Speech
Cost: $19.99
Available From: Apple iTunes App Store

Speech therapists, special education paraprofessionals, and parents can find value in this app, which contains 40 written and five video lessons. Lesson plans are customizable for K-12 children and can be utilized in therapy for those experiencing developmental delays, social/emotional issues, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and deafness. Lesson segments include personal interactions, navigating the community, behavior, change, and relationships. Note: this app may also be purchased as part of a bundle: “Complete Speech and Language Bundle: Social Skills, Emotions, Language Development” for $29.99. The other two apps in the bundle cost $9.99 when purchased separately.


6. Sensory CineVox
Developer: Sensory Apps Ltd.
Cost: Free
Available From: Apple iTunes App Store / Google Chrome Browser Extension

Want to encourage children to make certain sounds, and be visually engaged in the process? CineVox, a speech therapy game tool, responds to sounds with fun graphics. There are 21 different visual effects that show patients the results of their vocalization. Variations in producing fricative sounds (e.g. shhh) will change the display appearance.


7. Word Vault / Word Vault Pro 
Developer: Home Speech Home
Cost: Free / $5.99 per month / $54.99 per year
Available From: Apple iTunes Apps Store

This app is designed for both children and adults. You can access audio and high-definition images for 8100 words, 1800 phrases & sentences, and 115 stories to address articulation and language skills. This includes real-world photos for over 3800 minimal pairs as well as almost 300 multi-syllabic words. There are over 120 categories for language building and over 25 social language categories. Interactive materials found with the Pro version are located in the Phonology, Language, and Social Vaults. You are able to create individual or group files to track the data of your clients.


8. Speech FlipBook – Articulation & Apraxia
Developer: Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd.
Cost: Free (Full version is $9.99)
Available From: Apple iTunes App Store

Therapists, teachers and parents alike can use this talking flipbook, which is customizable to individual student needs. Speech therapy practitioners can generate specific word lists – for example, focusing on all words that begin or end with a certain sound – and help students hear their progress using recording and playback features. The free version includes 16 sounds and 40 words, with the option to upgrade to more than 2,300 word recordings, 125 phonemes and clusters, all vowels and consonants, and more than 250 sets of homophones.


9. Speech Tutor
Developer: Synapse Apps, LLC
Cost: Free (Full version is $9.99)
Available From: Apple iTunes App Store

Have you ever wished you could show a child the inside of the mouth as they practice sounds? Speech Tutor, another one-of-a-kind speech therapy app, makes the face visually transparent as sounds are being made. The animation is viewable at three speeds and can be paused – helping students see where they have succeeded and where further speech therapy practice is necessary. There are 132 animations, recording capability – and, if practicing speech with parents at home, tips provided by SLPs. Search for the free version in iTunes (“SpeechTutorFree”), or download the full version.


10. Language Therapy 4 in 1
Developer: Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd.
Cost: $74.99
Available From: Apple iTunes App Store / Google Play

You are able to purchase any of the 4 apps included in this robust collection individually if desired. The full app includes over 700 core nouns, verbs, and adjectives, thousands of exercises and activities, as well as recommendations on what to focus on next based on the clients’ scores. The 4 areas include: Comprehension Therapy (understanding spoken language), Naming Therapy (to strengthen word-finding skills), Reading Therapy (addressing literacy skills), and Writing Therapy (addressing spelling skills).


SLPs – if you use any of the above apps, we would love to hear your feedback on how it worked for you in the comments section! And if there’s an “app for that” not listed above and you believe it should be, please share with us!

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  1. Sarah Bevier

    I love Little Bee apps! Articulation Station is my favorite speech app too, and I just purchased their Test Center app…AMAZING!

  2. Lucy Nutt

    Splingo is one of the best language therapy apps out there, especially for the price! It is so engaging and useful for covering all kinds of concepts. Kids love the rocket reward at the end.



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