25 Gross Motor Activities for Winter

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Keep your students moving with these 25 gross motor activities for winter for the classroom. Try putting your own spin on these gross motor activities and share your success stories in the comments section below!

“My goal for these indoor gross motor activities is simple, do-able fun. These indoor gross motor energy busters will get your kids moving around the house. My goal is movement! Get those bodies moving and doing. When you can’t get outside, try some of these fun exercises for kids. Turn off the TV and unplug the video games. It’s time to get moving!

Parents or caregivers, don’t be afraid to get involved! Kids need to see you moving too. Some of these exercises may be best suited for an older child and some for a younger child. Modify as needed so it is enjoyable for everyone.

1. Fun Workouts for Kids
This is a great list of exercises for kids 5+ {depending on ability} and adults too! Show your kids how you get moving too.

2. Jumping Activities
Simple indoor gross motor ideas for kids who love to jump!

3. Indoor Gross Motor Sensory Play Ideas
Painter’s tape is a great tool to have handy for indoor play. Make all sorts of crazy lines to follow on the floor. Roll balls along the lines too. Read all about Vestibular and Proprioceptive Sensory Play too.

4. Tennis Ball Games
Some buckets and tennis balls are all you need for some great games.

Kids can try to beat [the] best times!

5. Indoor Balloon Tennis
Blow up a package of balloon and grab a few fly swatters at the dollar store or grocery store.”

Read the full list of 25 Indoor Gross Motor Activities for Kids here.


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