8 Speech Therapy Activities for Valentine’s Day

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Attention speech-language pathologists! It’s never too early to get a head start on your Valentine’s Day lesson plans. From positional concept hearts to articulation and language wreaths, these eight speech therapy activities for Valentine’s Day will inspire your students and are perfect for the month of February.

Here are a few activities to try with your students!

“Positional Concept Hearts

I made these quick hearts to use with preschool to 2nd graders. They each have a positional concept on them. I passed them out to my kiddos, and they demonstrated the concepts. They particularly enjoyed demonstrating ‘above’ Ms. Rayburn’s head 🙂 Lots of giggles. For my older kiddos, I added two-step directions (ex: Place one heart on the corner of the iPad, and the other heart between 2 mirrors.) Grab it Here!

Find it Articulation Game

I printed several copies of this game. I let the kids pick either pink or red. Then I gave them a pack of articulation cards. As the child flipped over each card they said their target and then looked for the color on their heart anywhere on the articulation card. If they find the color on their heart, they make a tally mark. Every articulation card (or language card!) they say, gives them a chance to find their color. The person with the most tally marks at the end was the winner.

Articulation and Language Wreaths

Two materials: Three activities. Grab a box of paper plates and some construction paper. Cut out about a zillion hearts with the Ellison machine. You will get two parts of the heart (the inside and the outer part). I had my students write their articulation and language targets on the inner hearts. We used 10 each, and added them to the paper plate to create a simple wreath.”

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Which of these speech therapy activities for Valentine’s Day is your favorite? We’d love to know, so please share in the comments below!

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