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EdTech Tuesday: Summer Apps for Kids

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Occupational Therapists

Need summer learning opportunities for kids? This list explores eleven brand new and meaningful apps that will keep kids engaged and learning all summer long. Check out the list here!

Take Back Your Friday: A Selfless Perfect Attendance Prize

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Speech-Language Pathologists

Most kids who own a bicycle would joyfully accept a new one when presented with the opportunity. Watch as fourth-grader, Annie LaForge, presents her younger brother with a bike for his birthday, a prize she worked all year to achieve. Way to go, Annie! Your generosity inspires us.  

Brain-Booster Books for Summer

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hool Physical Therapists

With summer right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start compiling a list of reading materials for kids when classes are no longer in session. Check out this list of fun and educational books that will keep the kids entertained and encourage a brain-boosting start to summer vacation.