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7 Incredibly Useful Hacks for Delivering Online Speech Therapy

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7 Useful Hacks for Online Speech Therapy

The availability and acceptance of online speech therapy are on the rise, and with good reason! Delivering services via online technology is convenient, improves access to care, decreases costs, and can offer children and adults the same progress benefits as face-to-face therapy sessions do. (Want to learn more about providing online speech therapy? Discover the… Read More »

4 Excellent Online Speech Therapy Courses for Pediatric SLPs

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As a pediatric SLP, you know that treatment breakthroughs and new methods are bursting on to the scene every day. To make the biggest and most lasting impact on the lives of your littlest patients, you must keep up. It’s always important to take steps towards digging deeper into topics that interest you and uncovering new… Read More »

How to Run a Social Skills Group – from Setup to Implementation

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Occupational Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists

A social skills group can be a valuable way to foster necessary social skills in children with special needs, who often exhibit slower social skills development than their peers do. Saying “please” and “thank you;” learning when to participate in a conversation and when to simply listen; discovering how to respond to others and how… Read More »

10 Fun SLP Activities for Memory Recall in Young Children

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Memory Recall in Young Children

Although memory is not directly related to speech, children with language impairments can frequently struggle to recall information. This is particularly true in cases where speech difficulties are due to a cognitive impairment. By incorporating various fun activities into sessions, speech pathologists in pediatric speech therapy jobs can prevent memory improvement from becoming a chore,… Read More »

Top Technology Tools for School-Based Therapists

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Nowadays, it is not uncommon for a school-based therapist to struggle with basics tasks such as coming up with teaching methods, creating lesson plans and organizing their weekly schedules. Luckily, there are top technological tools for school-based therapists that can help with all of those problems. And in our increasingly technological world, it’s becoming more… Read More »