25 Gross Motor Activities for Winter

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Keep your students moving with these 25 gross motor activities for winter for the classroom. Try putting your own spin on these gross motor activities and share your success stories in the comments section below! “My goal for these indoor gross motor activities is simple, do-able fun. These indoor gross motor energy busters will get… Read More »

7 Simple Accommodations for Kids with ADHD

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Discover how accommodations for kids with ADHD, like providing positive physical activity and using privacy shields, will help your little ones. Follow this link to find out how you can use these accommodations for kids with ADHD in your therapy sessions or special education classroom.       Looking for a therapy job? Check out… Read More »

Helpful Hints for iPads in the Special Education Classroom

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From advice for setting ed-tech rules to tips for finding new apps, this list of helpful hints for iPads in the special education classroom will certainly come in handy when planning your next lesson. Happy Special Education Day to all! “This will be my third year with 1:1 iPads in my special education classroom. I’m… Read More »

7 Ways to Help Kids with Autism Participate in Giving Thanks

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Explore seven creative ways to include students with ASD in your Thanksgiving activities this holiday season. These tips and helpful hints to participate in giving thanks can be applied both at home and in the classroom. “In this busy time of year, it becomes particularly important to stop and take stock of what we have… Read More »

Top 24 Literacy & Learning Apps for Children

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Check out these easy-to-use apps for reading and writing, accompanied by a bonus list of apps for students with special needs.   Take a look!

4 Simple Strengthening Games for the Classroom

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Use resistance bands to improve fine motor skills, gross motor skills, posture, and more! “One of my favorite exercises to do with both adults and kids is resistance band. There are dozens of ways to use resistance band to improve strength, balance, posture, and coordination. One problem that I often encounter with children is that… Read More »

35 Sensory Activities to Help Students with SPD

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sensory activites

This excellent SPD resource of 35 sensory activities includes creative activities and DIY projects to aid students with sensory processing disorders both at home and in the classroom. “Sensory perceptions can be hard to change or even to be aware [of] if your child struggles with the way that their brain processes the information in… Read More »

What Parents Wish You Knew About Kids with Down Syndrome

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Speech-Language Pathologists

As Down Syndrome Awareness Month continues, take a look at this HuffPost article that features images and quotes from parents discussing what they wish you knew about kids with Down syndrome. “There are about 6,000 babies born with Down syndrome every year in the United States, or about one child out of every 700. Whether… Read More »

3 PT Activities for Kids with Down Syndrome

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School Physical Therapists

In honor of both Down Syndrome Awareness Month and National Physical Therapy Month, take a look at these PT activities for kids with Down Syndrome to strengthen their hamstrings and quads. Click here for the article.

5 Dollar Aisle Finds for Therapists

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Occupational Therapists,

Are you a physical therapist or occupational therapist on a budget? Take advantage of these dollar aisle finds to use year-round in your therapy sessions. These bargain items are ideal for gross motor, fine motor, and sensory-motor play. “I am a dollar store or dollar aisle frequenter when it comes to grabbing things for working… Read More »