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10 Awesome Outdoor Activities for Your Therapy Practice

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outdoor therapy activities

Warmer days and more daylight mean plenty of opportunities to get outside to play, explore and socialize. Nearly everyone can benefit from fresh air and a little sunshine…so if you’re able to take your therapy sessions outdoors, now is the time. Some creative takes on classic games − along with some totally new ideas −… Read More »

Nine Great Apps for Physical Therapists in School Settings

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The hard work and consistent efforts of school-based physical therapists (PTs) are nothing less than heroic. Often called upon to serve district-wide and on a variety of fronts, those with PT jobs make a significant impact on the lives of student. Day to day, progress happens in slow increments, but in a big-picture sense, cumulative… Read More »

7 Simple Spring Activities for School-Based Therapists

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Occupational Therapists

Spring is a time of growth and new beginnings – a great time to try something different in your school-based therapy classroom. Children fresh from spring break can have a renewed energy—the end of the year is fast approaching, after all—and something new and exciting in the classroom can inspire them to make progress like… Read More »

5 Allied Health Careers Poised For Growth

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As long as there is life on this planet, you can be sure that there will be an industry built around maintaining its health. The health care industry is as old as time itself, and is still rapidly expanding. With this expansions, there is – and will continue to be – an ongoing need for… Read More »

25 Gross Motor Games for Winter

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Keep your students moving this winter with these gross motor exercises for the classroom. Try putting your own spin on these activities and share your success stories in the comments section below! Find the list here.   Looking for a therapy job? Check out our current openings: Get apps and activities delivered to your… Read More »

7 Simple Accommodations for Kids with ADHD

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Discover how accommodations like providing positive physical activity and using privacy shields will help your little ones with ADHD. Follow this link to find out how you can use these tools in your therapy sessions or special education classroom.       Looking for a therapy job? Check out our current openings: Get apps and activities delivered… Read More »

4 Simple Strengthening Games for the Classroom

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Use resistance bands to improve fine motor skills, gross motor skills, posture, and more! Click here to discover how with these quick and easy strengthening games.

20 Kinesthetic Learning Activities for Kids

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Occupational Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists

Make your next lesson plan more fun and engaging by incorporating movement! Click here to learn how.  

35 Sensory Activities to Help Students with SPD

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sensory activites

This excellent SPD resource of 35 Sensory Activities is inclusive of creative activities and DIY projects to aide students with sensory processing disorders both at home, and in the classroom. Take a look!         Get apps and activities delivered to your inbox monthly: Looking for a therapy job? Check out our current… Read More »

3 PT Activities for Kids with Down Syndrome

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School Physical Therapists

In honor of both Down Syndrome Awareness Month and National Physical Therapy Month, take a look at these PT actives that help children with Down Syndrome strengthen their hamstrings and quads. Click here for the article.