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20 Inspirational Quotes for Occupational Therapists

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Happy National OT Month to all the Occupational Therapists out there. You’ve chosen a challenging career that requires meticulous attention to detail – as well as perseverance, patience, and a cheerful, selfless attitude. In honor of your commitment, we’ve mined the web and curated 20 inspirational quotes for occupational therapists to encourage you in your… Read More »

Creating an Organized Classroom for Spring: Tips for Therapists and Special Education Teachers

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Organize Your Classroom

Cramped. Busy. Less-than-tidy. Maybe even disheveled. What’s a school-based therapist or special education teacher to do when the duties are ginormous and clear – and the classroom is, well…not exactly that?  Therapeutic and special education staff face unique organizational challenges, and often seek creative ways to work within a limited workspace and budget. Creating an… Read More »