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Getting Started with Sensory Bins: Everything You Need To Know

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Getting Started with Sensory Bins

Want More Sensory Bins? See More! Whether it’s a new job, a new caseload or a new school year, starting something different is the perfect time for pediatric therapists and other school-based therapists to take a look at creating and incorporating sensory bins in to their practices. Sensory bins are an effective, portable and low-cost… Read More »

Best of Pinterest: Occupational Therapy Materials

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Of all social media, Pinterest remains one of the best for collecting, sharing and organizing ideas related to virtually every aspect of life!  For an occupational therapist (OT) (and others in school-based therapy jobs), Pinterest can be an incredible resource for inspiration and education.  If you haven’t already set up an account, we highly encourage… Read More »

Classroom Sensory Strategies for Occupational Therapy

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When things get hairy, nerves are frayed and frustrations are running high, your calming influence as an occupational therapist (OT) can be the beacon in a storm of emotions.  Loud noises, bright lights, changes in schedule and overall tiredness are just a few good reasons to take a sensory break.  Knowing some good sensory strategies… Read More »

7 Fall-Inspired Sensory Bins

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  Want More Sensory Bins? See More!   Let the cool crisp air, orange and brown color palette and fast-approaching holiday season inspire you to create some new fall-inspired sensory bins for your special education classroom or center for speech-language pathology or occupational therapy.  We know you advocate the use of sensory bins – as… Read More »

7 Fun Occupational Therapy Art Projects

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Occupational therapy jobs can be intriguing and fun, especially when art enters the picture. Occupational therapy art projects can improve motivation during and after sessions with the additional benefits of increasing creativity and self-esteem among students. Occupational therapy art projects also offer school-based occupational therapists a way to infuse cognitive challenges like following directions, making… Read More »

15 Fun Outdoor Activities for Children with Autism

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outdoor activities for children with autism

Spring and Summer bring more than warm weather – it’s a wonderful time to take therapy sessions outdoors! In the summer, an occupational therapist (OT) or speech-language pathologist (SLP), has the opportunity to introduce the benefits of outdoor learning and skill development to children with autism. Whether you are an occupational therapist (OT) speech-language pathologist… Read More »

3 Tips for Maintaining Work-Life Balance

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Any kind of special education job or school-based therapist job tends to require work that can stretch beyond the normal 9-5. While this work can be incredibly rewarding, it’s all too easy to forget to take care of YOURSELF! This can be detrimental not only to you, but to those you are helping. Here are… Read More »

5 Benefits to Being a School-Based Therapist

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Often overlooked and widely undeserved, the professions in school-based therapy provide some of the most beneficial work environments in any industry.  In recent years, school-based therapists have received a bit of negative attention, with therapists citing the obvious stresses associated with a diverse caseload.  What these same therapists failed to report were the numerous emotional,… Read More »