4 Long-Term Behavioral Therapy Strategies to Help Children Manage Anger

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Anger Management for Kids

Helping students on your caseload to manage their anger might sometimes feel like navigating a ship through murky waters. As challenging as it is to work with students who are dealing with anger issues, you, as a therapist in a school-based therapy job, are instrumental in helping them learn to manage their emotions with a… Read More »

Important Tips for Supporting Kids with Anxiety

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Speech-Language Pathologists

Check out these tips to help your students deal with difficult emotions in support of National Mental Illness Awareness Week. Take back your Friday, and take a look.         Get apps and activities delivered to your inbox monthly: Looking for a therapy job? Check out our current opening:

10 Picture Books that Nurture Empathy

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Occupational Therapists

Help your students appreciate generosity, humility, compassion and kindness with a little help from these 10 picture books. How can you incorporate these stories into your next lesson plan? Discover more here.