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10 Picture Books that Nurture Empathy

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Occupational Therapists

Help your students appreciate generosity, humility, compassion and kindness with a little help from these 10 picture books. How can you incorporate these stories into your next lesson plan? Discover more here.  

Brain Booster Books for Summer

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hool Physical Therapists

With summer right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start compiling a list of reading materials for kids when class is no longer in session. Check out this list of fun, educational books that will keep the kids entertained and encourage a brain boosting start to summer vacation.

50 Books for Children with Apraxia

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School Physical Therapists

Children’s books that contain repetitive words and phrases are often the most helpful with language development, specifically for children diagnosed with apraxia of speech. This list not only includes 50 stories that kids love, but also provides suggestions for where to acquire books at a reasonable price. Check it out!