Free Content for Special Education Administrators and Leaders

Statistics, trends, and other information vital for educators in a special education role.


Key Education Statistics and Projections to Year 2020
Statistics on enrollment, graduates, teachers, and expenditures in elementary and secondary schools for the last 14 years, and projections into the year 2020.

The Condition of Education
Education trends and important developments, and 42 indicators related to the condition of education today.

Health of the Public Charter School Movement
A State-by-State Analysis: 11 measures to assess state charter school performance, considering the strength of laws and critical implementation success factors.

State Medicaid Best Practice: School Telehealth
An analysis of states’ telehealth policies.

What You Need to Know About Public Charter Schools
Facts and research-based responses to common myths about charter schools.


Progress and Personalized Learning
Charter schools that personalized learning boosted students’ math and reading achievement significantly more than similar schools using more traditional techniques.

Boosting the Quality and Efficiency of Special Education
An examination of variation in special education spending among districts, as well as learning from districts that spend less on special education, but achieve the same or better outcomes than comparable districts with higher spending.