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FREE DOWNLOAD: St. Patrick’s Day Matching Activity for Visual Discrimination

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St. Patrick's Day Matching Game

Here’s an enjoyable – and free – St. Patrick’s Day activity that WON’T require the luck of the Irish! Your students will enjoy the fun theme, which incorporates visual discrimination and visual attention skills.   Why Visual Discrimination is Important Visual Discrimination is the ability to recognize details in visual images. It allows students to… Read More »

FREE DOWNLOAD: Summer Bingo Activity for Speech Therapy

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Looking for a fun, seasonally-appropriate activity to keep the WH questions flowing all summer long? Then you’ll love this free summer WH question BINGO activity, perfect to a pass along to print out for at-home reinforcement, or to upload and use as part of your TheraWeb online therapy session! This awesome summer BINGO game includes 3 game boards,… Read More »

Amid Coronavirus Outbreak Fears, Therapy Staffing Agency Vows to Help U.S. Schools Prepare for Move to Online Learning

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As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises schools to plan and prepare for the possibility of community-level COVID-19 outbreaks, online learning (also referred to as “telepractice” or “virtual learning”) is receiving serious consideration as a tool for minimizing the spread of this illness. For many K-12 school districts, the task of preparing… Read More »

FREE DOWNLOAD: Winter-Themed Synonym Matching Activities

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Winter is definitely upon us, and we’re embracing the season in all its glory by incorporating the most identifiable elements into synonym matching worksheets that are educational, fun and free! Increasing a student’s ability to use and understand synonyms helps to improve their vocabulary knowledge and increase comprehension of the spoken and written word, which… Read More »

5 Picture Books Therapists Can Use to Promote Empathy

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In today’s selfie-filled culture, which seems to celebrate “Me first,” it’s become more important than ever to incorporate empathy—the capacity to relate to and understand others—into pediatric therapy sessions. Empathy is critical, because it gives children a solid foundation for building positive relationships at school and at home. Empathic children tend to do better in… Read More »

8 Excellent Activities for Kinesthetic Learners

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Is your special education student fidgeting during their therapy or teaching sessions? Does it seem like he/she has a hard time sitting still for any extended period of time? If so, you many have a kinesthetic learner on your hands. Thankfully – there’s a learning style for that! Kinesthetic learning (also referred to as, tactile… Read More »