Need a Good Business Idea? Take a Look In the Mirror

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Ann Marie Geissel, the National Special Education Director for Therapy Source, was recently mentioned in this interesting article from Inc. magazine.

Your background can lead you into a lot of opportunities. This was the case for Ann Marie Geissel M.Ed., the National Special Education Director for Therapy Source, a nationwide provider of special education and therapy staffing and services.


As a former school principal and director of pupil services and special education, she regularly experienced the constant struggle to remain in compliance in her past. In her role [as the National Special Education Director] at Therapy Source, she shares her experiences with school administrators who are coping with shrinking budgets and growing special education needs.


Geissel is able to dig deeper in to a complex situation than most because of her previous expertise. She can ask the kinds of questions only someone acutely familiar with their space can ask. What she already had became the most valuable thing to do business with. The further you venture from your core knowledge, the harder this specialty is going to be.


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