6 Must-Follow Blogs for Occupational Therapists

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Blogs for Occupational Therapists

Get ready to breathe new life into your occupational therapy (OT) sessions! Whether you’re an OT working in a healthcare setting or a school-based OT, connecting with other professionals through blogs is a great way to gather new ideas and gain perspective when challenges arise.

There are quite a few passionate bloggers out there sharing and we appreciate their valuable contributions. And though we wish we could include everyone here, these are our top picks for OT blogs you should know about, and consider following.


  1. MamaOT This is one of the best blogs for occupational therapists and for those who work with children! It’s written by a California-based mom and Occupational Therapist with an additional background in gymnastics, psychology, and education. The design is clean and inviting, with sections on Developmental Milestones, Functional Skills for Kids, Sensory Processing Disorder, and plenty of activity ideas to engage young people. There is also a great list along the right side of the page with specific categories of interest for therapists.


  1. Miss Awesomeness The name alone may compel you to stop and check out this OT blog. As this blogger eloquently explains, the title began as a joke and stuck along with the eventual tagline “Delightfully Awkward.” Blogging since 2006, this school-based OT and private practitioner presents articles with titles such as “Poem on Retrogenesis” and “Encouraging Self-Advocacy in Young Children,” and covers topics like adaptive equipment design. She presents activities and other practical resources for those already in the field, as well as students. In addition to the valuable information presented, many OTs will also appreciate Miss Awesomeness’ offbeat sense of humor and relatable point of view.


  1. The Inspired Tree House Claire Heffron and Lauren Drobnjak are practicing pediatric occupational therapists and physical therapists who are passionate about sharing information in the blog world. We’ve featured activities from the Inspired Tree House before – and with good reason. There are tons of amazing ideas here and they’re organized by Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Sensory and Core Strengthening. Jump right into a category and find games, crafts and activities for just about any age group. Within the navigation bar at the top of the page is a “Start Here” button, so when you’re ready to get browsing, click it and begin your tour.


  1. The Anonymous OT By remaining anonymous, this OT blogger has created a safe outlet to discuss topics openly. The site’s main goal is to offer candid advice from personal experiences—good, bad, and indifferent. And that’s what you’ll find! There are personal accounts of IEP meetings and off-the-wall parent/therapist discussions which will strike chords with many. Don’t miss the funny and painfully accurate account of how crazy things can (and often do) get in a pediatric therapy waiting room. The site’s design makes it easy to search specific topics of interest along the bottom of the right side using the blue keywords.


  1. Therapy Fun Zone Devoted to purposeful play and creative ways to inspire progress in children of all ages, this excellent blog is written by a pediatric occupational therapist and mom of two. She offers a list of activities by skill, pintables, crafts and games that can be used and adapted to a variety of settings. There is also an exceptional store with all kinds of products—everything from digital downloads to self-care supplies, seating products, pencil grips and much more. Even if you don’t have time to read the articles, the store alone is worth the click.


  1. Handwriting is Fun Here’s a unique online forum for sharing an impressive array of handwriting resources. Occupational therapy blogger Katherine Collmer, M.Ed., OTR/L, and guest authors write about handwriting development skills, improvement strategies, and information related to school-based occupational therapy. This OT blog is definitely worth checking if you’re a therapist looking for resources and good references to share with parents.


Used to its best advantage, the Internet removes boundaries of distance and time to connect like-minded OTs. The more tips, resources and ideas we share through blogs and other online resources, the better we can serve our therapists and clients. We hope you find something within these blogs to try and perhaps follow.


Please share what you think – or send us links for blogs you currently follow! Or if you’re starting your own OT blog, give us a heads-up and perhaps we’ll feature it in future articles!


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    I really enjoyed these blogs and learn may new things. It would be great if you could update this list since many new bloggers have emerged. Thanks for sharing a great blogs list.

  2. Michele

    Great list! As a pediatric OT it is always great to find a new list of great blogs!


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