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9 Essential Books for the School Psychologist

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9 Essential Books for School Psychologists

As a school psychologist serving children as young as pre-school on up through high school, you probably have many occasions to turn to your bookshelf for wisdom. To help update your library and hopefully reinforce some of what you’re already doing, we’ve assembled a list of great books for the school psychologist written with your… Read More »

4 Excellent Online Speech Therapy Courses for Pediatric SLPs

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As a pediatric SLP, you know that treatment breakthroughs and new methods are bursting on to the scene every day. To make the biggest and most lasting impact on the lives of your littlest patients, you must keep up. It’s always important to take steps towards digging deeper into topics that interest you and uncovering new… Read More »

8 Awesome Productivity Tips for School-Based Occupational Therapists

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Productivity Tips for OTs

If pressure from administrators, teachers and parents make you cringe at the word “productivity,” you’re not alone! Staying organized and on task while providing excellent service to your students is a unique challenge that comes with the territory of a school-based occupational therapy job. Good news is it’s also one you can conquer with some… Read More »

10 of the Latest and Greatest Apps for SLPs

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Speech Therapy Apps

May marks Better Hearing & Speech Month, a time to raise awareness about communication disorders, and the role that speech-language pathologists (SLPs) play in providing life-changing treatment. To celebrate the month and help bring innovative technology into your sessions, we bring you… (drum roll please!)…. our latest list of amazing apps for SLPs! We’ve included… Read More »