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Of all social media, Pinterest remains one of the best for collecting, sharing and organizing ideas related to virtually every aspect of life!  For an occupational therapist (OT) (and others in school-based therapy jobs), Pinterest can be an incredible resource for inspiration and education.  If you haven’t already set up an account, we highly encourage you to do so.  Think of Pinterest as an alternative to clippings, print-outs and other paper items that tend to be stashed, stored…and sometimes, misplaced. With Pinterest’s handy app, you can easily reference all your important findings on your phone or tablet, no matter where you go!

To get you started with your new account or add some life to your current boards, we bring you the best of occupational therapy materials on Pinterest.  To simplify things for you, we’ve included three categories: People, Boards and Pins.

Happy pinning!

People to Follow: Among Pinterest users, we found a few stand-outs with great stuff for OTs!

Pediatric Occupational Therapy:  This is a great member to follow, with boards dedicated to how kids develop, core muscle activities, Autism exercises and more!  Keep clicking, and you’ll find a wealth of information related to sensory play, useful classroom tips and information you can use in your therapy sessions.  Visit

Way to Grow Occupational Therapy:  Heather Baumgartner is an OTR/L and owner of “Way to Grow” Pediatric Occupational Therapy in Arizona.  We like her profile because of how nicely it’s organized and the topics each board covers.  Everything from pins about self-care and social strategies to holiday-themed crafts can be found.  Follow Baumgartner, or choose based on a board topic you like. Either way, you’ll get lost browsing via this one!  Visit

WriteSteps Pediatric Occupational Therapy:  San Diego-based Danielle Shulman has over 12 years of experience as an OT and is the owner of WriteSteps Pediatric Occupational Therapy.  She brings to Pinterest a host of pins that explain the benefits of activities that encourage crossing the midline, fine motor exercises with everyday objects, etc.  You can also find good related to sensory strategies and vestibular processing.  To check out pins that relate to your students and patients at

The OT Toolbox:  Formerly known as Sugar Aunts, The OT Toolbox offers great Occupational Therapy ideas for therapists, teachers, & parents. Check it out and immediately see pins that speak to challenges that you and your colleagues often face.  There are therapy planners, fun activities to try with your students and much more. And if you love lists like we do, be sure to read 35 Fun Ways to Improve Handwriting Without Writing, Five Tips for Keeping Up with Therapy Paperwork, Five Tips for Descaling an In-Session Argument and many others!  Visit

Great Boards: In our Pinterest travels, we discovered some innovative boards for those in occupational therapy jobs working with people of all ages and abilities.

DIY OT Materials:  With a description that reads “ideas for low-tech, low cost therapy materials,” this board begs to be viewed.  There are ideas for activities that incorporate unexpected materials like ice trays, spray bottles, sponges, wine corks and more!  Find this OT board at          

For the Job:  Along with plenty of cool activities to try with the younger set (children 3 and younger), you’ll find some great pins here with tips for tantrum-free transitions, ADHD facts, and developmental milestones.  Find this OT board at

Great OT Stuff:  If for nothing else, check out this board when you’re in need of a lighthearted boost from some OT themed e-cards.  In addition, you’ll find some great activities and sensory-related information.  Find this OT board at

DIY Global OT Activities: Craft your own musical instruments.  Create a ball maze game.  Fashion building blocks out of twigs and branches.  There are some ultra-cool ideas here for therapy, and learning materials you can make using recycled and common low-cost materials.  Find this OT board at

Therapy! OT, PT, ideas, games, materials, resources:  If you’re looking for posters, infographics, charts and reference sheets, this is the board for you.  We also found interesting pins related to sensory processing and anxiety.  You’ll also see posters with ways to “wake up the body” and offer proprioception stimulation for those who may benefit.  There are also some great pins dedicated to gross and fine motor improvement/skill-building.  Find this OT board at

Pins: Another cool thing about Pinterest is that you can follow people, follow boards, or just save individual “pins” to your own categorized boards!  All are great ways to bolster your online toolbox of tips, tricks, ideas and inspiration.  With that in mind, here are some of our favorite pins dedicated to helping you be an effective OT.

5 Dollar Store or Aisle Finds For Therapists:  view this OT pin at

12 Sites Where I Get Free Therapy Materials:  view this OT pin at

Learning Styles: Why “One Size Fits All” Doesn’t Work:  view this OT pin at

More Ways to Use an Exercise Ball for Sensory Therapy:  view this OT pin at

25 Organization Hacks for the Therapy Room:  view this OT pin at

30 Books for Late Talking Toddlers:  view this OT pin at

6 Creative Ways to Improve Visual Tracking Using Recycled Cardboard Tubes:  view this OT pin at

We hope you find a few moments to check out these links and explore the possibilities of Pinterest.  Be sure to connect and share your favorite tidbits with colleagues—near and far—as well as parents to boost the benefits for those we serve.

Do you have a favorite Pinterest board for occupational therapy – or is there a pin you’d like to share?  If so, please write it in the comments section below!


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