Helpful Hints for iPads in the Special Education Classroom

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From advice for setting ed-tech rules to tips for finding new apps, this list of helpful hints for iPads in the special education classroom will certainly come in handy when planning your next lesson. Happy Special Education Day to all!

“This will be my third year with 1:1 iPads in my special education classroom. I’m not going to lie, there’s a lot to figure out, and there are so many options of apps out there – it is both wonderful and extremely overwhelming!

Here’s how I would recommend getting started with iPads in your classroom (many of these tips should apply to both 1:1 or classroom iPads).

Behind the Scenes:

Storage: Where will you store your iPads? If you have a lot you will want a cart. We have a cart of 30 that we use in our program and store in a central location. However, if you have just a few you can probably designate a spot in your classroom, make sure you can charge them there (love this idea for a few iPads)! Also be sure to consider where can you keep them locked up at night. You don’t want your iPads to walk off…

Cases: Get sturdy cases! Let’s be honest, an iPad will probably be dropped…or thrown, you want it protected! Sturdy does not have to equal expensive. Five Below has “Tuff Cases” that are very protective and only $5! If you don’t live by a Five Below, these are similar, very protective, and still not crazy expensive. For my students who use the iPad as a communication device, we get them this RJ Cooper case with a strap.”

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