4 Sensory Activities for Saint Patrick’s Day

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In the spirit of the Irish, we chose to share these four simple sensory activities for Saint Patrick’s Day for young children. Each activity can be used both inside and outside of the classroom, and they are perfect for celebrating the luck of the Irish. Check out the links provided below for further details and instructions on each of the sensory activities for Saint Patrick’s Day!

1. Shamrock Salt Tray

A salt tray serves as a great prewriting activity for younger children. Not only can it be used year-round, but the setup is also super simple! Just add green food coloring to table salt, pour it in a large tray, and begin drawing your favorite Saint Patrick’s Day designs. Check out andnextcomesl.com to get a firsthand glimpse of the activity!

2. Saint Patrick’s Day Treasure Jars

This simple and enjoyable sensory activity only requires water, a clear jar, liquid watercolors, and any Saint Patrick’s Day materials you happen to have on hand. Afterward, kids love to display their jars and show off their treasure. Go to kidsplaybox.com for more details!

3Help the Leprechaun Find His Gold!

Start by filling a plastic bin with shaving cream. Mix in green paint streaks, green pompoms, green sequins, and gold coins to create an interesting mix of textures. Children then get to “help the leprechaun” by digging through the mix to find all of the gold coins. Get creative, and use this sensory activity for other holidays by mixing in different colors and textures! For more details and information, visit funathomewithkids.com.

4. Gold in the Rainbow

This sensory activity, which involves yarn and a plastic bin, is a less messy take on the above-mentioned shaving cream activity. Fill the tub with “rainbows” by cutting apart colorful and variegated yarn. Once the bin is filled with an adequate amount of rainbows, mix in gold pompoms, gold plastic coins, etc. This fun sensory activity has the benefit of easy prep and cleanup! Visit http://kidsactivitiesblog.com/26266/st-patricks-day for more on this activity.


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