Social Work Spotlight: A First Hand Look Into the Multi-Agency Approach to Social Work

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Speech-Language Pathologists

Let’s keep Social Work Month rolling with this in-depth look at one social worker’s unique experiences with a multi-agency approach to social work.

Sam Fugill spent most of her career working on teams of social workers, but she currently finds herself in a completely different situation. Her team includes mental health nurses, Speech-Language Pathologists, teachers, and various types of support staff.

“My new team embodies the multi-agency mantra of contemporary social work,” says Fugill. “With a whole range of professionals in the same room, the organizational barriers we so often rail against fall away. It is refreshing to work somewhere you can get specialist advice from a colleague in another field just by walking across the office.”

Check out Fugill’s full story on her blog, and explore more benefits of the multi-agency approach to social work.

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