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Special Needs App Corner: September Edition

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This app has been getting lots of attention… It’s called, See.Touch.Learn. It’s a learning system that is capable of replacing traditional flash cards in education. You can create your own custom flash cards using the app’s libraries, or use your own photos from your Camera Roll or Photo Stream! SLPs, OTs, and PTs, LOVE See.Touch.Learn! Have you… Read More »

Ice Bucket Challenge: Did ALS Benefit?

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Whether or not you have a Facebook or Twitter account, we’re willing to bet you’ve heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. But how beneficial was the challenge to ALS? Did people become more educated about the disease? Did they take time to donate to the cause? Read the full story here. Were you nominated… Read More »

TED Talk: Family Bounces Back from Perinatal Stroke

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We found this video while perusing TED, and found it so inspiring – definitely a “feel-good” story! Mario, a 10-day-old baby boy, suffers a perinatal stroke and loses functioning in the entire left side of his body. Follow the family through their journey to help Mario regain full functioning. Watch the TED talk here.