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EBook: The Special Needs Travel Guide

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It’s officially Summer! Hopefully you have a vacation planned in the next few months – but traveling with a special needs child can be really tricky. The Friendship Circle (one of our favorite blogs) created this awesome EBook, The Special Needs Travel Guide. Click here to download! The Friendship Circle of Michigan is a nonprofit organization dedicated to… Read More »

Common-Assessment Groups Differ on Accommodations

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Common-core tests being developed by two state coalitions offer the promise of more inclusion and self-sufficiency for students with special needs – but differences in administration and accessibility features mean the testing experience for students in those special populations will vary widely depending on the state they call home. Click here, to read more.

Supreme Court Moves Away from ‘Mental Retardation’

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Occupational Therapists

For the first time ever, the Supreme Court used the term ‘Intellectual Disability’ in session, instead of ‘Mental Retardation’. Read the article here. The American Psychological Association changed the diagnosis from ‘Mental Retardation’ to ‘Intellectual Disability in their newly published DSM-V last May. You can also find more information about the “Spread the Word to… Read More »