Non-Verbal Cues Boosts Vocabulary of Young Children… In Summary

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There have been hundreds of thousands of studies done on language acquisition in young children. How do children develop a vocabulary? You’ve all heard of Piaget’s Sensorimotor Stage… Children ages zero to two experience a massive BOOM in cognitive development during these ages. They take in as much information as possible trying to learn from their primary caregivers. So how do babies learn new words??

Well, of course there are many ways… but new research from the University of Chicago has shown one method of language acquisition to be particularly effective.

Using OBJECTS, or non-verbal cues, to help children associate the meaning of the word to the word can increase a child’s vocabulary. I think we all had that much figured out. BUT what this study brings to the table is that the quality of these non-verbal cues is a better indicator of whether or not the child will have a broad vocabulary.

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[Source: Science Daily]

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