Therapy Source Inc. Partners with Go Solutions Group to Grant School Districts Immediate Medicaid Reimbursement

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PLYMOUTH MEETING, PA – May 13, 2013 — Therapy Source, Inc., a premier provider of in-person and online therapy services, announced today its partnership with Go Solutions Group, Inc. Go Solutions is the leading provider of Medicaid reimbursement services and special education data management. The partnership will assist schools in documenting special education services, recovering Medicaid reimbursements owed back to them, and, most importantly, enabling Therapy Source to service more special needs children.

“There are children in need of therapy services all throughout the country,” said Stacey Cartegenova, President of Therapy Source, Inc. “When I opened Therapy Source over a decade ago, I had one goal in mind – reach as many children as possible. I am thrilled to partner with Go Solutions because I am certain that this partnership will help us get one step closer to that goal and assist fiscally struggling schools with the means to properly serve children.”

The partnership with Go Solutions will not only enable brick-and-mortar and cyber schools to regain Medicaid costs incurred through in-person therapy services but online services as well. TheraWeb®, an online and real-time therapy solution provided exclusively through Therapy Source, combines secure cutting-edge technologies with highly qualified and experienced therapists. The service allows therapists to facilitate therapy sessions with children anywhere in the country in the comfort of their home or office.

“Teaming with Therapy Source to form a strategic alliance has provided us with yet another exceptional resource to offer to our customers,” said Matthew M. Flaminio, President and Chief Legal Officer of Go Solutions Group, Inc. “They are not only a proactive and attentive organization, but they afford us the ability to pair our special education data management applications with their highly qualified clinical staff.”

To learn more about Therapy Source and its partnership with Go Solutions, please contact Therapy Source at 484-342-2000.

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