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12 Ways to Incorporate Music and Games into Speech Therapy Sessions

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Music and games can be used in the speech and language classroom to improve attention, increase participation, foster better communication and increase memory and retention.  Children of all ages and abilities can benefit from music and games.  To save you time, we’ve gathered some of the best ideas from the web on how to incorporate… Read More »

Top 10 SLP Activities for Articulation

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Get apps and activities delivered to your inbox monthly:   Looking for a therapy job? Check out our current openings: As a Speech-Language Pathologist in a school-based therapy job, you may feel a bit overwhelmed when it comes to prepping materials for articulation therapy, as part of your SLP job. So for this week’s… Read More »

5 Benefits to Being a School-Based Therapist

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Often overlooked and widely undeserved, the professions in school-based therapy provide some of the most beneficial work environments in any industry.  In recent years, school-based therapy positions have received a bit of negative attention, with therapists citing the obvious stresses associated with a diverse caseload.  What these same therapists failed to report were the numerous… Read More »