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8 Awesome Productivity Tips for School-Based Occupational Therapists

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Productivity Tips for OTs

If pressure from administrators, teachers and parents make you cringe at the word “productivity,” you’re not alone! Staying organized and on task while providing excellent service to your students is a unique challenge that comes with the territory of a school-based occupational therapy job. Good news is it’s also one you can conquer with some… Read More »

7 Fall-Inspired Sensory Bins

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Let the cool crisp air, orange and brown color palette and fast-approaching holiday season inspire you to create some new sensory bins for your special education classroom or center for speech-language pathology or occupational therapy.  We know you advocate the use of sensory bins – as we do – because they promote practical life skills,… Read More »

Summer-Inspired Sensory Bins

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Summer brings warm weather, sunny skies and lots of new opportunities to learn and grow. One way for children with special needs to learn is through the use of sensory bins, which include items with texture or other sense-stimulating characteristics. Common bases for sensory bins include water, shaving cream, sand, mud, rice, and uncooked beans.… Read More »

12 Awesome Occupational Therapy Activities (for Elementary-Aged Children)

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School Physical Therapists

Get apps and activities delivered to your inbox monthly: //txsource.com/newsletter/   Looking for a therapy job? Check out our current openings: //jobs.txsource.com As a school-based occupational therapist, much of your job is focused on helping students to develop the skills necessary for everyday living. At the elementary school level, this often means helping children to develop… Read More »